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February 23, 2018

6 Oclock and 12 Pm Don't Appear Correctly on Userform

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Sometimes using a text box on a user form or on a worksheet doesn't work exactly the way we think it should. This is especially true when were working with dates and times straight from a worksheet.

The problem we faced when helping Emil was that the format function in Excel VBA was looking at 6 AM and 12 PM as Excel thinks of these dates and times.

Excel perceives times of day as a percentage or decimal of one full day. One day equals one. 6 AM equals one fourth of one day, a.k.a. 0.25. Noon is considered halfway through the day, so Excel thinks of 12 PM as 0.5. This is where the mixup comes in.
[cc lang="vbscript" lines="-1" width="100%"]
'A1 has 06:00 AM, so excel thinks of it as 0.25
Me.Textbox1 = range("a1")

If a text boxes trying to take on the value of a cell that it perceives has the value of 0.25 (as with 6:00 AM), it's going to put something like this in the text box: "0.25".

Then, when we try to format that text box using HH: MM for hours and minutes, as in the following:
[cc lang="vbscript" lines="-1" width="100%"]
'currently Textbox1 is "0.25", so this somehow converts it to "00:25" aka 25 min after midnight!
Me.Textbox1 = Format(Me.Textbox1, "HH:MM")

So what's the solution?

I like to use the CDate() function when analyzing dates, times OR at least things that look like dates and times in order to convert them into correct date/time format. It's a handy tool.

In the aforementioned example, we just need to use CDate on the cell first to establish that it's actually 06:00 AM, not 0.25.

[cc lang="vbscript" lines="-1" width="100%"]
'this way the textbox receives the value "06:00 AM" instead of "0.25"
Me.Textbox1 = CDate( range("a1") )
'and this actually formats it correctly, as "06:00"
Me.Textbox1 = Format(Me.Textbox1, "HH:MM")

But Wait - There's more!

In an effort to be more efficient, let's try combining these two commands into one command by using the Format command on the CDate manipulated cell:

[cc lang="vbscript" lines="-1" width="100%"]
'this way the textbox receives the value "06:00 AM" instead of "0.25"
Me.Textbox1 = Format( CDate(range("a1")), "HH:MM")

Say What?!
Check out the Video here for a more Hands-on approach.

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