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Quit My Job, My Excel Business Makes Over $20,000/month!!

See what Dave says about how he built an empire from an Excel program he worked on quietly for years, now selling to over 200 users for $99/month.  The full interview will be available soon. Here's an excerpt from our 2 hour chat!👇
I've taken a whole bunch of courses, SQL courses, I've taken all these things but Yours are the ones that really really got me going...

My adage is surround yourself by people that are smarter than you, so when it comes to you offering the course - I'm hanging on to every word..

I say 'Take all of your courses, Dan", because out of the 3 that I've taken, I've used pretty much everything!


Founder, remoralite.com

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We believe Excel is one of the most versatile programs out there - and learning to program and automate it makes you very valuable!

You can prevent wasted time and errors, speed up tasks and become indispensable to your organization. 

See how our trainees have gotten raises, promotions and bonuses using their Excel Automation skills while building real problem-solving programs in Excel!
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