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Grids are the next step in Excel’s data evolution. You can edit and control data with them. This is the key to taking Excel development to a whole new level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just use ListBoxes?
Yes, Excel has a control called a ListBox, which is like an always-expanded dropdown control. Just a list of items. Not meant for editing, sorting, filtering, grouping, totals, calculations, formatting. Just. A. Boring. List.

With ListBoxes, you pick an item and that’s it.

What about the MSFlexGrid or ListView Control?
ListView and MSFlexGrid controls are a step up from the ListBox Control, because they can display checkboxes (in one column only) or sometimes icons. The problem is that these still are not editable fields!

You also run into issues with modern versions of Windows and Excel (not to mentions 64 bit issues) do not include these controls, so you have to go out looking for them.
Ok, why do I need a Grid if I have Excel sheets with 'cells'?


Not only can you Control the flow of data and prevent errors, but using the ExGrid control gives you absolute control over the look and feel of the way data is displayed, edited and transferred!

Look, Feel, Skins

You can create a totally basic grid or you can liven them up with absolute control of coloration, skinning (using their proprietary EBN skinning technology) and adjust every tiny detail of every portion of the grid - from tooltips to filterBarCaption backgrounds..

Add beautiful customizable skins to every part of the grid, including scrollbar, checkboxes, columns, cells, expand icons, filter bars – even skinnable Tooltips on mouse hover!

Is ExGrid Maintained or just another abandoned project?
ExGrid has been refined and constantly improved upon for over 20 years.
How can I get the course 100% FREE?
In order to get the Course 100% FREE and Bonus Grid Templates to use in Excel, please use our affiliate link below so we get the referral credit.

Already ordered ExGrid using our link?
If you ordered ExGrid using our referral link, please send an email with the order/transaction ID or screenshot with relevant order info to admin@excelvbaisfun.com. Once we’ve reviewed the details, we’ll send you our full course 100% FREE as our way of thanking you for the referral purchase.

We’ll also send you BONUS ExGrid Templates in Excel that allow you to see the vast and limitless capabilities of the grid control in real time with reusable code samples!
Does ExGrid Work with VBA?
It works very well with VBA! I actually helped the owner of the company make it work with Excel/VBA a few years back, so it's been my little secret until now!

You can make extremely robust programs with Excel now using simple VBA codes.
Does it work with 64-bit office?
It works with 64-bit office, you can choose whether you want the "COM/32-bit", "COM/64-bit" or the "COM/Both" package, depending on your needs. The COM/Both version allows you to serve customers who have Excel 32-bit and/or Excel 64-bit.

Most people opt to use Excel 32-bit because features have been wonky with 64-bit throughout Excel history.
Do you have a demo version to try before I purchase it?
Absolutely! We have a demo version you can get to test out the control. It has a nag screen but you can use it unlimited times, almost all features work.

You can only use it for testing purposes, not for commercial ones 'til you buy! :)

👉 Get Demo
Does ExGrid work on Mac computers?
Unfortunately, there are 3 main differences in the Mac experience for Excel VBA. Number one is a deal breaker for ActiveX controls such as ExGrid because...

1) ActiveX controls (such as ComboBoxes (dropdowns), Textboxes, ListBoxes, etc) are a Windows based open-source technology and as such, Apple doesn't allow it on their computers for some reason. 👎😓

Unfortunately, ExGrid is an ActiveX control, so it won't work on Mac computers. Sorry about that! (I wish it did!)

And just for fun, here are the other 2 main differences in Excel for Mac...

2) Userforms can be coded and edited on a Mac, but they can't be designed, meaning you can't view the form and drag and drop things, but you can run/use the Userform and perform code and tasks on them.

3) Some keyboard shortcuts are different than the PC shortcuts. No big deal! :)
Does ExGrid only work for Excel?
ExGrid works for so many things, not just Excel. Once you have ExGrid, you can use it on any project you like. Here's a List I compiled for you:

✅ VB
✅ C++
✅ X++
✅ C#
✅ VFP Advanced (x64)
✅ Access
✅ Delphi
✅ Smalltalk
✅ uniPaas (eDeveloper)
✅ Clarion
✅ Dynamics AX
✅ Dynamics NAV
✅ xBasic
✅ Visual Objects
✅ PowerBuilder
✅ Xbase++
✅ AutoIt
✅ Power++

Pricing Table

ExGrid takes Excel development to a whole new level!
Refund Policy for Course: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Refund Policy for Software:
All Sales Final See Why

Demo/Trial Version

does not expire
Fully functioning Grid demo

✅ Install unlimited number of copies to unlimited number of machines!
✅ 99.9% of features work
❌ Nag Screen
❌ Can NOT use for any purpose other than evaluation
❌ Can NOT use to develop completed applications

Complete Video Training

one time
Complete Training Package

✅ Follow along with Trial or Full version
✅ Over 8 Hours Video Training
✅ LifeTime Access
✅ Instructor & Student Forum
✅ Clean Versions (to follow along)
✅ Completed Versions (with full code samples)

Full Software + Complete Video Training

one time
Everything in 'Complete Video Training' plus...
Everything in 'Full Software' plus...
✅ BONUS Templates/ Projects with Full Code Examples


Full Software Only

one time
Fully Licensed ExGrid Software
All Sales Final See Why
✅ Install unlimited number of copies to unlimited number of machines!
✅ 100% of features work
✅ No Nag Screen
✅ Personal and commercial use
✅ Use to develop completed applications
✅ Royalty-free and Run-time license-fee free
✅ Unlimited client licenses
✅ Link Databases (bound) or use Excel sheets (unbound)
✅ Use images and icons in columns and grid cells
✅ Conditional formatting rules
✅ HTML formatting for cells/columns
✅ One-click Sort (or programmatically)
✅ Click-and-drag Grouping
✅ Multiple Filter methods
✅ Editable Grid Fields (number, spin, text, dropdown, html, date picker, button, calculator)
✅ Advanced skinning controls and builder
✅ Much, much more...

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You can prevent wasted time and errors, speed up tasks and become indispensable to your organization. 

See how our trainees have gotten raises, promotions and bonuses using their Excel Automation skills while building real problem-solving programs in Excel!
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