What if you could Completely Control Websites with Excel?
Check out this special discounted offer...
Take Advantage of the full power of Excel to Automate more Boring Tasks!
Access over 9.5 hours of progressive on-demand video that you can view anytime you want and from any device that can load a website..
Input Text & Run Searches on your favorite Web Browser Automatically!
Scrape Web Data using simple code
Manipulate Web Elements like Textboxes, Dropdowns, Buttons
Image/Clipboard Manipulation to Copy Images from the web or Upload Files
Fill Forms Using Excel Data!
Teach Excel to Wait For Cues from webpages or elements, so your Macros flow smoothly!
Control Lists, Dropdowns and Selection Controls with ease!
Master Hover & Click Actions with Mouse Simulation!
Change Value, Class or Any Attribute of a Web Element (such as color, style, whether it hidden/enabled etc)
Navigate Pagination so your Macro works even if there are several pages!
Drag & Drop Programmatically
Deal with Dialog Boxes, Popups and Alerts!
Automate Website Window Sizing and Positioning
Normal Price :$54.00$27.00

Jayeed Saves 5 Hours Every Couple Weeks...

After taking the Complete Web Automation with Excel VBA Course, Jayeed was immediately able to put the information and code examples to use.

On his first try, he was able to automate a task that takes 5 hours of his time every 2 weeks.
Frank is a long time developer who has used web scraping technologies before, such as Scrapy, but none of the other frameworks have been this easy!

The Complete Web Automation with Excel VBA Course is ideal, because it works along with Excel, which as you know is extremely versatile!
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