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Learn To Manipulate Data Invisibly and At Lightning Speeds with Arrays!

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Learn To Manipulate Data Invisibly and At Lightning Speeds with Arrays!

Arrays are present in many programming languages, but most people don’t take the time to master them and can get frustrated when their code seems sloppy, difficult to read, and often can take a long time to run.

Arrays are often a subject of confusion or irritation – it doesn’t make much sense when trying to understand using a huge blog post or cryptic book. What you need is a visual explanation of these concepts in bite sized pieces – something to make it REAL!

With over three hours of over the shoulder, real-world training, this course will show you how to increase the speed of your VBA applications, build code that is easier to read and maintain – using less lines of code than you ever imagined!

I’ll show you the easiest way to understand this highly convoluted topic and once you understand the power of arrays, you’ll be able to:

Glean information from and Manipulate text like never before
Store MULTIPLE pieces of information in a single cell to keep your tables tidy
MASSIVELY speed up your macros that deal with worksheets or cells!
Understand multiple ways to put Array data onto worksheets
Create your own functions that return more than one result!!
Store Data in Hidden Locations, Where only you can find and Manipulate it…
Master Populating, Looping through and Manipulating Arrays for greater efficiency
Learn special built-in Array functions as well as custom ones Included in the course
Best methods of Sorting Array data
And much more!

You’ll receive 100% of the source code, downloadable materials and course workbooks instantly, yours to keep FOREVER. In addition, you’ll receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the course videos, including updates, BONUS videos and lectures as they come out and any future source code and workbooks – Yours to keep – FREE.

All students will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to ask me any questions about the materials in the FORUM section – as well as chat with other students and help each other. As always, this is backed by a 30 day 100% No questions asked refund as well.

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