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This is one of my best kept secrets for the last few years. A full featured grid control that can make your Excel programs 150% more professional and streamlined with features like:

Features include:

  • Ability to display the data hierarchical (tree) ,  tabular (list) or as card view
  • Print and Print Preview support.
  • WYSWYG Template/Layout Editor support ( Ability to load and save control's content to template format ).
  • Skinnable Interface support ( ability to apply a skin to the any background part )
  • Custom Row Designer ( Have your rows display however you want with the control row layout capabilities )
  • ADO and DAO support
  • It includes editors like: mask, date, drop down list, check box list, memo fields, spin, slider, OLE Object viewer, color, buttons and more. Details here.
  • Ability to use custom ActiveX control as built-in editors.
  • ActiveX hosting (you can place any ActiveX component as a child item of the control).
  • /NET Control hosting (you can place any /NET control as a child item of the control).
  • Filter support
    • Filter-Prompt support, allows you to filter the items as you type while the filter bar is always visible on the bottom part of the list area.
    • Filter-On-Type support. Ability to filter items by a column, as you type.
    • Ability to filter items using patterns that include wild card characters like *, ? or #, items between two dates, numbers, checkboxes with an easy UI interface.
    • Ability to filter items using OR, AND or NOT operators between columns.
  • Ability to show the control's element from right-to-left for Hebrew, Arabic and other RTL languages.
  • Conditional Format support
  • Computed Fields support
  • Total Fields support ( Aggregate functions: sum, min, max, count, avg )
  • Owner Draw Support.
  • Sorting by Single or Multiple Column support
  • Ability to specify unsortable items.
  • Single/Multiple Lines or Multiple Levels Header support
  • Multiple selection
  • Incremental search
  • Mouse wheel support
  • Ability to load icons and pictures from BASE64 encoded strings.
  • Background picture support.
  • Ability to handle more than 2,000,000,000 records, using the virtual mode.
  • Ability to get data using IUnboundHandler notification interface
  • Support for dragging, sorting or resizing columns as well
  • Any cell supports Built-in HTML format.
  • "Split Cells" support.
  • "Merge Cells" support.
  • Locked/fixed rows/items support.
  • Cell's built-in editor support.
  • Not selectable items support.
  • Ability to group data using divider items. Allows you to merge cells as well.
  • Support for drag and drop the items
  • Ability to apply attributes like: font, color, icon, picture, radio buttons, check boxes to any cell
  • Ability to assign multiple icons to a cell.
  • Item can have different height, multi-line items
  • Cells can have HTML multiple lines tooltips


Expandable Columns with the ability to Sort and Edit multiple cell types!

Editable cell types include numeric, string, date and many other. Multiple subtotaling types..

Use Aggregate functions, such as SUM, COUNT, AGERAGE, MIN, MAX for easy Subtotals!

HTML Formatting can be applied to cells as well as columns for limitless rich text and conditional formatting patterns.

Apply Masking patterns to create automated data validation in cells, such as dates, phone numbers, IP Addresses, RGB(), etc...

Connect and edit Databases as well as Excel data sets/tables!

Utilize Images in perfect clarity,even on Userforms! Grab images through databases, file paths and even using 64bit strings of text to set images and icons! Set backcolors with conditional formatting or even color picker!

Partial checkboxes option when sub-items are not all checked. Checkbox gridlines can be enabled/disabled.

Advanced Grouping including auto-adding icons, for example the country flags when grouping by country (see below):

Apply customizable Filter boxes for any column!

Enable Group and Filter on any columns you want your end-user to use.

Group by Multiple columns as needed.

Add beautiful customizable skins to every part of the grid, including scrollbar, checkboxes, columns, cells, expand icons, filter bars - even skinnable Tooltips on mouse hover!

The filter prompt allows multi-column searching that happens immediately as you type. Watch as we search for the city London and then search for any title that contains the partial word 'presiden'. This grid control can do anything!



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