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Teach Excel To Do Your Work For You. . .

Microsoft Office is everywhere, installed on over 1.2 billion computers, but most users only know how to set up a basic table or maybe even do a few formulas here and there.

In my course, I teach you how to take Excel by the horns and make it do whatever you want, whenever you want. It can go through loads of information and create a printable report for you. You can make custom forms so that you can access, analyze, edit, or add new information quickly to your data tables/ worksheets.

Excel programming utilizes a simple but effective tool called "VBA" - the hidden programming language that runs quietly in the background while you work. It’s very easy and straight-forward to use.

I'll show you the easiest tricks to learn this basic language in a fun, progressive method. Learn at your own pace. With each of my short, info-packed lectures, you'll learn another essential skill that you can immediately use. You'll find yourself handling these Automation tools instantly and in any spreadsheet you already use every day. If there's one thing I'm good at - and my students are good at - it's AUTOMATION.

After learning this course, you'll be able to:

  • Automate redundant tasks in Excel
  • Build advanced custom reports
  • Use the power of forms to transform the way you get things done

Take this course now and access your true potential!

take the next step in
mastering Excel!

12 Complete Sections, 30 Hrs 25 Min

The Ultimate Excel VBA Course features 278 video lectures that will take you from beginner to advanced Excel pro. You’ll learn to:

  • Write macros from scratch
  • Make your own custom formulas/functions on the fly
  • Breeze through if then statements and master conditional logic
  • Take control of forms, buttons, drop-downs, checkboxes, option-buttons and so much more...

Code Samples, Workbooks, Projects

  • Hundreds of ready-to-use VBA code samples
  • Increase your speed and save time in Excel!
  • Tons of Excel projects, games, and exercises
  • Save loads of time and make programming easy!

Visual Basic in Excel Certification

Get a Certificate of Completion; add it to your resume, your LinkedIn profile or other professional profiles.…

Students enrolled in courses are eligible to receive course certification after successful completion of all lectures and course practice materials. Course quizzes, practice exercises and mid-lecture challenges are all integrated into the course to solidify learning along the way and help toward the course certification.

Lifetime Access, Updates & Customer Support

  • Lifetime access to the course content & updates.
  • No monthly or annual fees.
  • Access to Dan & our private Facebook group for extra help.
  • We're here to stay and we fully support our student base.

BONUS 1. Excel VBA Master Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

  • Keyboard shortcuts can cut down the time it takes to get stuff done.
  • Our new cheat sheet now comes with more time-saving keyboard shortcuts than anywhere else!
  • For both PC and Mac.
  • Includes hidden shortcuts that aren't listed anywhere else!

BONUS 2. Images, Backgrounds And
Icons Pack

  • Icons & background images.
  • Make Buttons & Userforms look way better.
  • Mouse cursors pack for hover effects!
  • Learn Excel image secrets to shave off loads of learning time.


In the first section, we’ll be guiding you through the basics of how to create your first macro from scratch and read and write to cells. We’ll also cover different ways to run your macros, including making a cool looking button to trigger your macro.

Topics covered:

  • Intro and course workbooks download
  • Get the developer tab and intro to developer tab
  • Getting started with range object
  • Quick tip – project explorer and properties window!
  • Creating your first macro from scratch
  • Adding a secondary command. . .
  • Debugging in Excel VBA
  • Saving a macro-enabled workbook (.xlsm)
  • Before you begin the exercises
  • Exercise 01 – Question
  • Exercise 01 – Answer
  • Several ways to trigger your macro
  • Affecting multiple cells with one range command – 2 methods
  • Adding strings of text to a cell
  • Using a named range with the range object
  • Range object quiz

Video: 1 hour & 15 minutes, 14 lectures   

In the second section, we’ll go in-depth about all the properties and methods you need in order to manipulate one or more cells. You can change the font size, color, bold or italic, but also set formulas or format cells easily using VBA!

Topics covered:

  • .VALUE Property
  • .TEXT Property
  • .ROW and .COLUMN Properties
  • .SELECT Property
  • .COUNT Property
  • Exercise 02a – Question
  • Exercise 02a – Answer
  • .ADDRESS Property
  • .FORMULA Property
  • .NUMBERFORMAT Property
  • Exercise 02b – Question
  • Exercise 02b – Answer

Video: 53 minutes, 12 lectures   

Section three explores the differences and similarities between accessing a cell through the Range object and the new Cells object, which can now access cells using row, column coordinates! This is useful when utilizing numeric loops and variables in the next sections.

Topics covered:

  • The cells object
  • Using column letters instead of numbers
  • Using cells positionally within a range
  • Affecting all cells in a worksheet
  • Exercise 03 – Question
  • Exercise 03 – Answer
  • Using range object with cells object
  • Cells quiz

Video: 22 minutes, 8 lectures   

Variables open up the possibilities in any programming language. You don’t have to store information in worksheet cells every time. Sometimes it’s better to store a date, string of text or even numbers inside of ‘nicknames’ called variables to contain or manipulate temporary data. They’re super fun and useful!

Topics covered:

  • Intro to variables
  • Declaring variables – variable types
  • Declaring variables – types of demo
  • Concatenation – joining two or more strings!
  • Bonus – date math fun!
  • Exercise 04 – Question
  • Exercise 04 – Answer
  • Calling a procedure from another
  • Public and private variables
  • Using constants
  • Bonus! Passing variables to another procedure – ByVal and ByRef
  • Variables quiz

Video: 1 hour & 56 minutes, 19 lectures

You’re no better than your tools, so let’s take a look at the Visual Basic Editor and all the wonderful things you can do once you know how to use it!

Topics covered:

  • File menu walkthrough
  • Edit menu walkthrough
  • View menu walkthrough
  • View menu2 – watch window, locals window and immediate window
  • Watch window wonders!
  • Insert and format menus
  • Debug menu (important!)
  • Run and tools menus
  • Toolbars quiz

Video: 46 minutes, 6 lectures   

This section covers all the tricks you’ll need to begin automating and really setting your programs in motion. Enjoy deliciously exciting experiments into IF/THEN statements, to create a fork in your procedures based on custom conditions. Learn how to determine the last row or column in order to set a cell section OR even to know which is the next row to automatically add new data to. That and much more!

Topics covered:

  • Determining the last row in your data set
  • Determining the last column in your data set
  • Determining the next row in your data set
  • Recording a macro
  • Bonus! – dynamic sorting!
  • Absolute vs relative references
  • Using with and end with
  • Comparison operators in excel vba
  • If then statement
  • Using is not equal to (<>)
  • Logical operator, not
  • Exercise 06a – Question
  • Exercise 06a – Answer
  • If, then, else statement
  • If, then, elseif statement. . .
  • Comparative operators with text and numbers!
  • Use if then statements in a one-liner of code
  • Using go to and labels
  • Select case as alternative to if then statements
  • Message box with yes and no buttons
  • Exercise 06b – Question
  • Exercise 06b – Answer
  • Relative positioning using offset
  • Bonus – User defined functions 101
  • Bonus – UDF lesson 2
  • Super important info quiz
Video: 2 hours & 39 minutes, 33 lectures
Learn how to loop through a data set to go way beyond the scope of a simple VLookup type search. How about searching AND making changes, or grabbing several items along the way based on custom criteria? Sound difficult? It’s a breeze.
Topics covered:
  • Intro to loops; our for next loop
  • Fun with our for next loop
  • Beginning our first report using loops
  • Using an inputbox
  • Adding inputbox to our first report to make it dynamic
  • Add a button to open our report
  • Add a cool looking button or image to open report
  • Our first printable report part 1 – declaring and setting the sheets
  • Printable report part 2 – getting items on report sheet
  • Printable report part 3 – clearing last report
  • Printable report part 4 – ensuring visibility and autoselect report sheet
  • Exercise 07a – Question
  • Exercise 07a – Answer
  • Using printpreview automatically
  • Using printout to send directly to default printer
  • Handling debug error when cancelling inputbox
  • For loop going backwards using step
  • The for each loop
  • For each loop – practical examples
  • Exercise 07b – Question
  • Exercise 07b – Answer
  • Intro to do loops
  • Do until
  • Loop until
  • Do while
  • Loop while
  • Exit do – multiple exits using your own criteria along the way!
  • Bonus – loop through multiple files in a folder and scrape data from each
  • Loops and reports quiz

Video: 2 hours & 58 minutes, 28 lectures

Learn all about Worksheet Events – triggers made from within a specific worksheet. You can trigger a macro to run when a certain cell or group of cells are clicked, double clicked, or maybe when a sheet is de-selected, you need it to auto-hide? Need to prevent users from adding a new sheet? This is going to be fun! 
Topics covered:
  • Intro to worksheet events and Selection_Change
  • Worksheet activate event
  • Worksheet deactivate event
  • BeforeDelete event – for worksheet deletion
  • BeforeDoubleClick event – trigger a macro when double clicking
  • BeforeRightClick event – trigger a macro when right-clicking
  • Calculate event
  • Exercise 08a – Question
  • Exercise 08a – Answer
  • How to disable events on the workbook
  • Intro to change event
  • Change event with EnableEvents toggle – avoid endless loop!
  • Change event triggered with custom range using intersect
  • FollowHyperlinks event
  • Final thoughts on worksheet events and review other events
  • Exercise 08b – Question
  • Exercise 08b – Answer
  • Worksheet events quiz

Video: 1 hour & 59 minutes, 21 lectures

Did you know you could set up macros to trigger based on workbook wide events?! Want to invisibly log the user’s name and date/time every time the workbook is opened? Make a special popup message box appear on certain or all sheet changes. Workbook events are powerful. 
Topics covered:
  • Workbook open
  • Workbook activate
  • Before save
  • After save
  • Before close
  • Before print
  • Deactivate
  • NewChart
  • NewSheet
  • Exercise 09 – Question
  • Exercise 09 – Answer
  • Sheet Activate
  • Delete, DoubleClick, RightClick, Calculate, Change
  • SheetDeactivate
  • Follow hyperlink
  • SheetSelectionChange
  • WindowActivate
  • WindowDeactivate
  • WindowResize

Video: 1 hour & 25 minutes, 21 lectures   

Adding CommandButtons, ComboBoxes (dropdown menus), ListBoxes, and many other ActiveX controls can really make your program POP! There’s a lot you can do with these, and each one has many, many triggers you can manipulate. Want to select ALL the text in a textbox when you click into it? Want to automatically Disable and gray out certain controls when conditions are met? Want to set up data entry and calculation on button click (but first to check a few conditions?).

Meet your new best friend. ActiveX Controls.

Topics covered:

  • Activex Controls vs Forms Controls
  • Button Click – Wage Calculator
  • Keydown Event
  • BONUS: Capturing Shift, Alt, Ctrl or some combination using the Shift variable
  • KeyPress event
  • MouseMove event
  • MouseMove event with Application.Statusbar – fun and useful
  • MouseUp and MouseDown Events – Left, Middle, & Rightclick, Shift, Alt & Ctrl
  • GotFocus and LostFocus events
  • Use a Checkbox for its VALUE
  • Checkbox event without a button
  • LinkedCell property with a checkbox
  • Option buttons intro – What is an option button and grouping
  • Grouping, Alignment and Aesthetics for Controls
  • Homemade quiz using option buttons and a command button
  • Compliance checker for your Forms or Quizzes Part 1
  • Compliance check part 2
  • SpinButton with Cell A1
  • SpinButtons with Textboxes and Numbers
  • SpinButton BONUS – Move Textbox Position with SpinButton
  • SpinButton with Dates in a Textbox
  • Activex “Label” Control – Basics
  • ComboBox – Fill with ListFillRange
  • Creating a Dynamic Range
  • ComboBox – How to use Multiple Columns
  • Using .ADDITEM to Get Specific items in your Combobox List
  • Noteworthy Properties of a Combobox
  • Multiple Columns in Combobox with .ADDITEM and List, ListCount etc
  • ListBox Basics using Dynamic Range
  • Listbox Click event and Dynamic Options
  • BONUS – Manipulating and using multiselect items in a Listbox
  • ListBox – Referencing Column 0 and 1 in a cell Dynamically!
  • Dynamic ListBoxes Using .ADDITEM and More
  • Make and Utilize INVISIBLE Columns – Special Trick!
  • Using a Scroll Bar on a worksheet
  • Pictures on a Worksheet, plus using FollowHyperlink Method
  • Toggle button
  • A brief note on Alternate, 3rd Party Controls

Video: 7 hours & 6 minutes, 54 lectures

If it sounds like I’m enthusiastic, that’s because I AM! Userforms can take your program to the next level, giving you a new profound amount of control.

Did you know you can make a form popup that can call up other forms, control all procedures and bring up reports, all the while hosting lots of ActiveX controls that help you manage, manipulate, update or append new data. Keeping in mind, you can actually edit or add to sheets that are completely hidden to the end user! WHAT?! Yep. It’s amazing and so much fun.

Topics covered:

  • Userform – Hide, show and unload
  • Sample database and creating a data entry form
  • Fill Status combobox with Rowsource when Userform starts – 2 methods
  • New employee data entry form!
  • Format textbox numbers as numerals, clearing out form upon submission
  • Set the tab order for userform controls
  • Set default values to make data entry easier
  • Avoid duplicate employee ID and other fun automation tricks
  • Edit Mode for Employee Database – Part 1
  • Edit Mode for Employee Database – Part 2
  • Edit Mode Pt 3 – Adding Automation and Save Button
  • BONUS – Refreshing the RowSource After Updating Data!
  • BONUS – Combobox by Last Name Instead of EmpID
  • BONUS – Search Name and ID
  • Userform Report with Filters – Part 1
  • Userform Report with Filters – Part 2
  • Applying the Dynamic Filters to Reports
  • Clear out Last Report
  • Report generation and aesthetics, headers, footers, repeat rows etc.
  • Advanced exercise – Review of Objectives
  • Advanced exercise 01 – Solution
  • Advanced exercise 02 – Solution
  • Advanced exercise 03 and 04 – Solutions
  • Advanced exercise BONUS A and B – Solutions
  • Advanced exercise BONUS C automate the workflow for efficiency – Solutions
  • Concluding thoughts. . .

Video: 8 hours & 46 minutes, 57 lectures

Here’s where I show you some additional features that are just amazing, but don’t always have a nice place to file away. Or I got asked a random question and it merited a video in the Bonus section. Fun!

Topics covered:

  • InStr Function – Search for Text Within Other Text
  • The EVALUATE Function – Mac-Daddy of all functions
  • Sum Function in Excel VBA – EASY!
  • Count Function in VBA

Video: 19 minutes, 5 lectures


  1. This Excel course is for anyone who wants to learn Automation secrets in Excel VBA. It’s for complete newbies and/or students looking for a refresher or Reference tool, to pick and choose relevant lessons for their projects. No prior programming knowledge is needed.

  2. This course is probably not for you if you’re looking to learn super advanced report authoring, which will be covered in a future course specifically on this topic. We will, however, make sure you know how to make good solid reports from your data and many tricks to make them look good.

  3. Beginner to advanced Excel users who are ready to automate their projects and use extremely customizable macros, build their own UserForms and learn the fundamentals of programming in a safe, easy, progressive way

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  • Very  basic Excel skills needed for this course (like opening the program, how to click on cells and type things.) You really don't need any Excel experience, because I'll take you from start to finish in this course. 
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  • YES! We specifically designed the course in a way that complete beginners can follow along and learn everything they need in a progressive, easy to learn style, while at the same time, making it engaging for advanced and ‘guru’ level students as well.

    No matter what your level, you’ll learn new tricks as well as get new ideas, fun challenges, exercises, games and new ways to think about things you may already be familiar with.
  • YES! We’ve recently done a complete overhaul of our course and we now include full support for Mac user who are learning Excel VBA, including specific Mac control lectures, form control lectures (since ActiveX controls won’t work on Mac) and even side-by-side keyboard shortcut overlays for Windows and Mac.

    Most of the topics are identical for a Mac user, so don’t worry!
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