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Everything You Need To Know, All In One Easy To Follow Course👇
The Ultimate Excel VBA Course is a step-by-step in-depth guide for Excel users who want to streamline their redundant tasks in Excel, build advanced custom reports and who want to utilize the power of Userforms to transform the way they get things done.

We’ll show you the easiest tricks to learn Excel VBA in a fun, progressive method. Learn at your own pace. With each short, info-packed lectures, you’ll learn another essential skill that you can immediately use. You’ll find yourself handling these Automation tools instantly and in any spreadsheet you already use every day.
“I’ve done exactly 107 lectures so far and already was able to automate 80% of my tasks at work that I’ve been doing manually for years… I’m angry with myself because of the time I wasted by not buying this course earlier. I can’t even imagine what I will be able to do after finishing the entire course :)”


“His interjection of both humor and immeasurable skills, combined with his clear and comprehensive vocabulary, have heightened my abilities with VBA and Excel... the additional information I learned from Daniel Strong led to the completion of my project; which was met with a compensatory reward  from my company.”


“As a person without ANY programming knowledge, this course offers me everything I needed to know about VBA programming. I delivered an automated tool project at work in 7 days. Best investment I have made!“


12 Complete Sections, 30 hrs 25 min

The Ultimate Excel VBA Course features 278 video lectures that will take you from beginner to advanced Excel pro. You’ll learn to:

✅ Write Macros from scratch
✅ Make your own Custom Formulas/Functions on the fly
✅ Breeze through IF THEN statements and conquer all the Logical Operators
✅ Take control of forms, buttons, drop-downs, checkboxes, option-buttons AND so much more. .

Hundreds of Code Samples, Workbooks, Projects

Hundreds of Powerful, ready-to-use VBA code examples you can use out of the box to instantly increase your speed and efficiency in Excel!

Now including 30+ Unique Excel Projects, Games and Exercises, plus a myriad of Mid-Lecture Challenges to save you a ton of time and make programming easy!


Visual Basic in Excel Certification

Get a Certificate of Completion; add it to your resume, your LinkedIn profile or other professional profiles.…

Students enrolled in ExcelVbaIsFun.com courses are eligible to receive course certification after successful completion of all lectures and course practice materials. Course quizzes, practice exercises and mid-lecture challenges are all integrated into the course to solidify learning along the way and help toward the course certification.

Lifetime Access, Updates & Customer Support

Full lifetime access to the course content, including updates to all videos, downloads and bonus content. No monthly or annual fees.
Plus, you get instructor access as well as access to course forums and our Excel Ninjas private Facebook group.

We’re constantly updating the course to include new lectures, new ways of doing things, new exercises or games to challenge you and keep you growing. We’re here to stay and we fully support our student base.

BONUS 1. Excel VBA Master Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

It’s no secret that knowing keyboard shortcuts can drastically cut down the time it takes to get stuff done.

Our new cheat sheet now comes with more efficiency-boosting keyboard shortcuts (for both PC and Mac) than anywhere else, including hidden (undocumented) shortcuts that aren’t listed online or elsewhere!

BONUS 2. Images, Backgrounds and Icons Pack

We’ve put together a Bonus pack of Mouse Cursors, Icons and Background Images that you can use to make Buttons and Userforms look infinitely more professional as well as several mouse cursors for customized hover effects!

We’ll show you exactly how to maximize images using Dan’s imaging secrets in Excel to shave off loads of learning time.

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Full Course Curriculum

01. The Range Object - (14 lectures • 1hr 15 min)

In the first section, we’ll be guiding you through the basics of how to create your first macro from scratch and read and write to cells. We’ll also cover different ways to run your macros, including making a cool looking button to trigger your macro.

Topics Covered:

  • Intro and Course Workbooks download
  • Get the Developer Tab and Intro to Developer Tab
  • Getting started with Range object
  • Quick Tip – Project Explorer and Properties Window!
  • Creating Your First Macro From Scratch
  • Adding a Secondary Command. . .
  • Debugging in Excel VBA
  • Saving a Macro-Enabled Workbook (.xlsm)
  • Before You Begin The Exercises
  • Exercise 01 – Question
  • Exercise 01 – Answer
  • Several Ways to trigger your Macro
  • Affecting Multiple Cells with One Range Command – 2 Methods
  • Adding Strings of Text to a Cell
  • Using a Named Range with the Range Object
  • Range Object Quiz
02. Range Properties - (12 lectures • 53 min)

In the second section, we’ll go in-depth about all the properties and methods you need in order to manipulate one or more cells. You can change the font size, color, bold or italic, but also set formulas or format cells easily using VBA!

Topics Covered:

  • .VALUE Property
  • .TEXT Property
  • .ROW and .COLUMN Properties
  • .SELECT Property
  • .COUNT Property
  • Exercise 02a – Question
  • Exercise 02a – Answer
  • .ADDRESS Property
  • .FORMULA Property
  • .NUMBERFORMAT Property
  • Exercise 02b – Question
  • Exercise 02b – Answer
03. The Cells Object - (8 lectures • 22 min)

Section three explores the differences and similarities between accessing a cell through the Range object and the new Cells object, which can now access cells using row, column coordinates! This is useful when utilizing numeric loops and variables in the next sections.

Topics Covered:

  • The Cells Object
  • Using Column Letters instead of Numbers
  • Using Cells Positionally within a Range
  • Affecting ALL Cells in a Worksheet
  • Exercise 03 – Question
  • Exercise 03 – Answer
  • Using Range Object with Cells Object
  • Cells Quiz
04. Variables - (19 lectures • 1hr 56 min)

Variables open up the possibilities in any programming language. You don’t have to store information in worksheet cells every time. Sometimes it’s better to store a date, string of text or even numbers inside of ‘nicknames’ called variables to contain or manipulate temporary data. They’re super fun and useful!

Topics Covered:

  • Intro to Variables
  • Declaring Variables – Variable Types
  • Declaring Variables – Types Demo
  • Concatenation – Joining Two Or More Strings!
  • BONUS – Date Math Fun!
  • Exercise 04 – Question
  • Exercise 04 – Answer
  • Calling a Procedure from Another
  • Public and Private Variables
  • Using Constants
  • BONUS! Passing Variables to Another Procedure – ByVal and ByRef
  • Variables Quiz
05. Toolbars and Menus - (6 lectures • 46 min)

You’re no better than your tools, so let’s take a look at the Visual Basic Editor and all the wonderful things you can do once you know how to use it!

Topics Covered:

  • File Menu walkthrough
  • Edit Menu walkthrough
  • View Menu walkthrough
  • View Menu2 – Watch Window, Locals Window and Immediate Window
  • Watch Window Wonders!
  • Insert and Format Menus
  • Debug Menu (Important!)
  • Run and Tools Menus
  • Toolbars Quiz
06. Super Important Tools and Excel Logic - (33 lectures • 2hr 39 min)

This section covers all the tricks you’ll need to begin automating and really setting your programs in motion. Enjoy deliciously exciting experiments into IF/THEN statements, to create a fork in your procedures based on custom conditions. Learn how to determine the last row or column in order to set a cell section OR even to know which is the next row to automatically add new data to. That and much more!

Topics Covered:

  • Determining the Last Row in your Data Set
  • Determining the Last Column in your Data Set
  • Determining the Next Row in your Data Set
  • Recording a Macro
  • BONUS! – Dynamic Sorting!
  • Absolute vs Relative References
  • Using With and End With
  • Comparison Operators in Excel VBA
  • If Then Statement
  • Using Is Not Equal To (<>)
  • Logical Operator, NOT
  • Exercise 06a – Question
  • Exercise 06a – Answer
  • If, Then, Else Statement
  • If, Then, ElseIF Statement. . .
  • Comparitive Operators with Text and Numbers!
  • Use If Then Statements in a One-Liner of code
  • Using GOTO and Labels
  • Select Case as Alternative to IF THEN Statements
  • Message Box with Yes and No Buttons
  • Exercise 06b – Question
  • Exercise 06b – Answer
  • Relative Positioning using Offset
  • BONUS – User Defined Functions 101
  • BONUS – UDF Lesson 2
  • Super Important Info Quiz
07. Loops and Report Writing Basics - (28 lectures • 2hr 58 min)
Learn how to loop through a data set to go way beyond the scope of a simple VLookup type search. How about searching AND making changes, or grabbing several items along the way based on custom criteria? Sound difficult? It’s a breeze. Check it out! Topics Covered:
  • Intro to Loops; the For Next Loop
  • Fun with our For Next Loop
  • Beginning our first Report using Loops
  • Using an InputBox
  • Adding InputBox to Our First Report to make it Dynamic
  • Add a Button to Open Our Report
  • Add a Cool Looking Button or Image to Open Report
  • Our First Printable Report part 1 – Declaring and Setting the Sheets
  • Printable Report Part 2 – Getting Items On Report Sheet
  • Printable Report Part 3 – Clearing Last Report
  • Printable Report Part 4 – Ensuring Visibility and Autoselect Report Sheet
  • Exercise 07a – Question
  • Exercise 07a – Answer
  • Using PrintPreview Automatically
  • Using PrintOut to Send Directly to Default Printer
  • Handling Debug Error When Cancelling InputBox
  • For Loop Going Backwards using STEP
  • The FOR EACH Loop
  • FOR EACH Loop – Practical Examples
  • Exercise 07b – Question
  • Exercise 07b – Answer
  • Intro to DO LOOPS
  • DO Until
  • Loop Until
  • DO While
  • Loop While
  • EXIT DO – Multiple Exits using your own Criteria along the Way!
  • BONUS – Loop Through Multiple Files in a Folder and Scrape Data From Each
  • Loops and Reports Quiz
08. EVENTS: Worksheet Events made Easy - (21 lectures • 1hr 59 min)
Learn all about Worksheet Events – triggers made from within a specific worksheet. You can trigger a macro to run when a certain cell or group of cells are clicked, double clicked, or maybe when a sheet is de-selected, you need it to auto-hide? Need to prevent users from adding a new sheet? This is going to be fun! Topics Covered:
  • Intro to Worksheet Events and Selection_Change
  • Worksheet Activate Event
  • Worksheet Deactivate Event
  • BeforeDelete Event – for Worksheet Deletion
  • BeforeDoubleClick Event – Trigger a Macro when Double Clicking
  • BeforeRightClick Event – Trigger a Macro when Right-Clicking
  • Calculate Event
  • Exercise 08a – Question
  • Exercise 08a – Answer
  • How to Disable Events on the Workbook
  • Intro to Change Event
  • Change Event with EnableEvents toggle – Avoid endless loop!
  • Change Event Triggered with Custom Range Using Intersect
  • FollowHyperlinks Event
  • Final Thoughts on Worksheet Events and Review Other Events
  • Exercise 08b – Question
  • Exercise 08b – Answer
  • Worksheet Events Quiz
09. WorkBook Events - (21 lectures • 1hr 25 min)
Did you know you could set up macros to trigger based on workbook wide events?! Want to invisibly log the user’s name and date/time every time the workbook is opened? Make a special popup messagebox appear on certain or all sheet changes. Workbook events are powerful. Topics Covered:
  • Workbook Open
  • Workbook Activate
  • Before Save
  • After Save
  • Before Close
  • Before Print
  • Deactivate
  • NewChart
  • NewSheet
  • Exercise 09 – Question
  • Exercise 09 – Answer
  • Sheet Activate
  • Delete, DoubleClick, RightClick, Calculate, Change
  • SheetDeactivate
  • Follow Hyperlink
  • SheetSelectionChange
  • WindowActivate
  • WindowDeactivate
  • WindowResize
10. Worksheet Controls - (54 lectures • 7hr 6 min)

Adding CommandButtons, ComboBoxes (dropdown menus), ListBoxes, and many other ActiveX controls can really make your program POP! There’s a lot you can do with these, and each one has many, many triggers you can manipulate. Want to select ALL the text in a textbox when you click into it? Want to automatically Disable and gray out certain controls when conditions are met? Want to set up data entry and calculation on button click (but first to check a few conditions?).

Meet your new best friend. ActiveX Controls.

Topics Covered:

  • Activex Controls vs Forms Controls
  • Button Click – Wage Calculator
  • Keydown Event
  • BONUS: Capturing Shift, Alt, Ctrl or some combination using the Shift variable
  • KeyPress Event
  • MouseMove Event
  • MouseMove Event with Application.Statusbar – fun and useful
  • MouseUp and MouseDown Events – Left, Middle, & Rightclick, Shift, Alt & Ctrl
  • GotFocus and LostFocus Events
  • Use a Checkbox for its VALUE
  • Checkbox Event Without a Button
  • LinkedCell Property with a Checkbox
  • Option Buttons Intro – What is an Option Button and Grouping
  • Grouping, Alignment and Aesthetics for Controls
  • Homemade Quiz using Option Buttons and a Command Button
  • Compliance Checker for your Forms or Quizzes Part 1
  • Compliance check part 2
  • SpinButton with Cell A1
  • SpinButtons with Textboxes and Numbers
  • SpinButton BONUS – Move Textbox Position with SpinButton
  • SpinButton with Dates in a Textbox
  • Activex “Label” Control – Basics
  • ComboBox – Fill with ListFillRange
  • Creating a Dynamic Range
  • ComboBox – How to use Multiple Columns
  • Using .ADDITEM to Get Specific items in your Combobox List
  • Noteworthy Properties of a Combobox
  • Multiple Columns in Combobox with .ADDITEM and List, ListCount etc
  • ListBox Basics using Dynamic Range
  • Listbox Click event and Dynamic Options
  • BONUS – Manipulating and Using Multiselect Items in a Listbox
  • ListBox – Referencing Column 0 and 1 in a cell Dynamically!
  • Dynamic ListBoxes Using .ADDITEM and More
  • Make and Utilize INVISIBLE Columns – Special Trick!
  • Using a Scroll Bar on a worksheet
  • Pictures on a Worksheet, plus using FollowHyperlink Method
  • Toggle Button
  • A Brief Note on Alternate, 3rd Party Controls
11. Userforms - the best thing. EVER. - (57 lectures • 8hr 46 min)

If it sounds like I’m enthusiastic, that’s because I AM! Userforms can take your program to the next level, giving you a new profound amount of control.

Did you know you can make a form popup that can call up other forms, control all procedures and bring up reports, all the while hosting lots of ActiveX controls that help you manage, manipulate, update or append new data. Keeping in mind, you can actually edit or add to sheets that are completely hidden to the end user! WHAT?! Yep. It’s amazing and so much fun.

Topics Covered:

  • Userform – Hide, Show and Unload
  • Sample Database and Creating a Data Entry Form
  • Fill Status combobox with Rowsource when Userform starts – 2 methods
  • New Employee Data Entry Form!
  • Format Textbox Numbers as Numerals, Clearing out Form upon Submission
  • Set the Tab Order for Userform Controls
  • Set Default Values to Make Data Entry Easier
  • Avoid Duplicate Employee ID and other Fun Automation Tricks
  • Edit Mode for Employee Database – Part 1
  • Edit Mode for Employee Database – Part 2
  • Edit Mode Pt 3 – Adding Automation and Save Button
  • BONUS – Refreshing the RowSource After Updating Data!
  • BONUS – Combobox by Last Name Instead of EmpID
  • BONUS – Search Name and ID
  • Userform Report with Filters – Part 1
  • Userform Report with Filters – Part 2
  • Applying the Dynamic Filters to Reports
  • Clear out Last Report
  • Report Generation and Aesthetics, Headers, Footers, Repeat Rows etc.
  • Advanced Exercise – Review of Objectives
  • Advanced Exercise 01 – Solution
  • Advanced Exercise 02 – Solution
  • Advanced Exercise 03 and 04 – Solutions
  • Advanced Exercise BONUS A and B – Solutions
  • Advanced Exercise BONUS C Automate the Workflow for Efficiency – Solutions
  • Concluding Thoughts. . .
12. BONUS Section - VBA Functions - (5 lectures • 19 min)

Here’s where I show you some additional features that are just amazing, but don’t always have a nice place to file away. Or I got asked a random question and it merited a video in the Bonus section. Fun!

Topics Covered:

  • InStr Function – Search for Text Within Other Text
  • The EVALUATE Function – Mac-Daddy of all functions
  • Sum Function in Excel VBA – EASY!
  • Count Function in VBA
Don’t Waste Years Learning the Hard Way, Do What They Did!
I cannot recommend this course highly enough!
If you’re looking to progress your career and be the solution-provider for getting the cleanest, most accurate data you can.. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!


Recruiter, Peace Corps
Dan is extremely interactive with everyone!
If you have questions he gets back to you immediately… he’s gone above and beyond to make sure that my project got done and all my questions got answered. I would definitely highly recommend the course.


Engineer, GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy International
Great for newbies and experienced Excel users!
… both accessible to newbies and can really engage with more experienced Excel users.

I really love the course! It’s really really intuitive, it’s really easy and dare I say even fun to watch sometimes.


Category Specialist, Walmart eCommerce
Amazing course. I was able to finish my desired macro in 15 minutes after watching first half of the course.
— Emiliyan Tanev
Started the course just over a week ago and I’ve managed to create a few useful programs for work already. Lectures are easy to follow and don’t drag on. Wish I had done this course years ago!!
— John-Paul Whitehouse
I cannot express how much this course has done for me. Started out with basically no explicit knowledge of VBA . The tutorials are easy to follow, Daniel is a great speaker and makes you smile. Meanwhile I got to understand the code and started experimenting and implementing my first Userform at work.
Within a week co-workers started to put in requests and calling me the Excel-sheriff. Every now and then I return to specific parts of the course to listen/watch and learn more. Most of my issues got solved by re-watching and if I couldn’t find a solution Daniel helped out by answering my questions in a most friendly manner.
If you’re in doubt of taking this course…stop doubting! It is absolutely fun, easy-going and very very useful.
— Heleen de Waal
As a person without ANY programming knowledge, this course offers me everything I needed to know about VBA programming. I delivered an automated tool project at work in 7 days. Best investment I have made!
— Koey Huixin
This course is a MUST DO for anyone wishing to improve their VBA skills. Whether they consider themselves to be at a beginners or intermediate level. Each lesson is clear and concise, and the instructor’s voice is easy on the ear. Using this course and knowledge gained from it, is great for sucking-up to your boss/manager by impressing the hell out of them with Excel wizardry. 🙂
— Stephen Byrom
This course has really helped me both personally and professionally. I have been able to introduce new tactics at work and make processes more efficient for everyone. I work in an office with people that work in Excel a lot but only use it for basic tables. VBA has really opened their eyes to the power of Excel and this course has given me the confidence to show them what it can do.
— Natalie Wendling
Great class. Already submitted a report to my manager and she was very happy!
— Tim Davis
I’m always skeptical of reviews because you don’t know the background or intentions of the reviewer. Before taking this course I considered myself well versed in Excel but had no clue what VBA was, and definitely had no programming experience. I took a new job and my first project seemed like a daunting task which I was told to automate. Someone mentioned using VBA might be able to do that, so I looked online for the highest rated self pace course I could find and landed here. I was able to get through all of the material within a week and turn that daunting task into an easy, automated solution. My new boss was totally impressed that I was able to automate the task with a click of a button. When he asked me how long I’ve been writing VBA code I told him, “about 10 days, since you said we needed to figure out a way to automate this”. Needless to say this course enabled me to look like a superstar in the first month at my new job. **Just a followup – in the 3 months since then I’ve continued to further my VBA knowledge, but find myself coming back here from time to time to re-watch lectures. I mention this because other classes you can take only give you access during the course, or for X amount of time. Thanks Daniel!!
— Phil
Great course that helped me to use VBA instantly in a spreadsheet at work. My boss loved the outcome, and it was all because of this course! Thanks!
— Karishma
I’ve been programming in Excel VBA for almost 4 years now, mostly self-taught. From the get-go it was clear that I missed some important VBA fundamentals and had I spent the time on them I would have saved hours… The debugging section alone was worth the money. So simple, so obvious, yet I never bothered to take time to understand it.
Well done, Mr Strong.
— Willem Booysen
Daniel does a great job of explaining how to automate Excel. What can this do for you? I’ll give you an example… many years ago I had to do a report every month using data extracted from our ERP system that then needed manipulated to create some reports. Originally this took about 4 hours to complete. Once I learned how to program in Excel this report took 30 seconds (and that 30 seconds was simply leaning back in my chair relaxing.)

Go through this course and then start applying it to things you want to create for work (or home). You’ll find yourself referring back to this course and doing internet searches for help as you will forget a lot of what you learned or will want to try something that you haven’t done before, but over time it starts to sink it and you’ll amaze yourself at what you can do. This is a skill that will make you invaluable at work!
— John H
Hi guys, if you ever want to learn excel VBA I strongly encourage you to sign up for Mr. Daniel’s ultimate excel VBA course. Because of him, the subject that was seen by me as an uphill battle is today won. I already put together my first application to manage human resources and the users love it! This would have never been possible if Mr. Daniel has not demystified this VBA course that at first looks intimidating to people like me who never took programming class before. I will just say: Daniel I owe all to you for your talent when it comes to teaching other. God bless
— Francois
Stellar. Stellar. Stellar. Have no reservations about buying this course. If you are a business analytics type or if you are looking to enhance your Excel skillset then this course will work great. This course starts with the fundamentals of VBA and goes through the topics you’ll need to know to begin working the ideas you have had. The information is presented in a linear and succinct style for better comprehension.
— Ryan Park
I have had both professional and personal experience with VBA and Excel. I signed up for this course as there are always ways to improve upon the skills I have…and it paid off. I was working on a project, for my company, and ran into some hurdles that I couldn’t get past on my own. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, from the get-go, Daniel Strong laid things out in a very easy-to-understand (and follow) series of video tutorials. His interjection of both humor and immeasurable skills, combined with his clear and comprehensive vocabulary, have heightened my abilities with VBA and Excel.

On a personal note, the additional information I learned from Daniel Strong led to the completion of my project; which was met with a 💲 compensatory reward 💲 from my company.

Thank you, very much, Mr. Strong for your tutelage.
— Matt Dever
I went from making simple templates to being ready to start designing a user form. As an administrative assistant, the ability to put these kinds of forms together will give me that edge I’ve been looking for. Mr. Strong is easy to listen to, is thorough in explanations, and goes at a pace that is easy to keep up with, but not so slow you get distracted. Thank you very much!
— Betty Karda
This course is well-organized, contains a lot of useful trick and information. It provides a good foundation for any Excel user who wants to learn VBA
I have started the course along with my 6 months of internship at my current company. I have had a great time learning VBA, applied it to my job. In fact I just half way through the course but I am already able to search for the solutions to my specific problem. And in the end, I am happy that I have learned so many useful things and the result really impressed my manager(s).
Highly recommend it to my friends and any frequent Excel user. It will take you from just a novice to an Excel guru!
— Thanh Tang Hoang
I pass vba exam to my new job after one week of studying with this course
— Seva Gamidi
On June 20th, I stopped by . . . for Excel VB and Macros. I wasn’t expecting such a great value in professional training, but I definitely got one. When I signed up and started the course I can relate the VB training to my financial analysis work significantly and increase productivity. Thank you very much.
— Johannes Botha
This instructor is really good. He explains everything in an easy and concise way with a little bit of humor thrown in for fun. I find his lessons very engaging and to the point. I think that this course will really allow me to increase my productivity at work.
— Nick McKenna
Firstly I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Daniel for granting me this opportunity to be a programmer, honestly I wasn’t thinking that one day I will reach this moment of satisfaction, and I think if I’m going to speak about this course or about Mr. Daniel in particular you won’t believe me if I say that he is one of the main reasons why I become a programmer, I have never seen such coach and I think I will never see one in my life, this man will take you to his world and treat you with respect and will never underestimate your experience regardless how small or big it was.

This course is the right path for you to be a programmer, trust me I’m from Saudi Arabia and I have no relationship with this man whatsoever, and I wish someday I can meet with this honest man who is giving everything to his students.

Thank you Dan.
— Abdulaziz
The course delivers a great foundation for VBA basics and enables you to have building blocks that you can use to apply to various projects; it has helped me solve several VBA road-blocks for work-related code.
— Justin Reynolds
Hey folks,
I’ve completed about half the course already and I found it to be the best course I’ve taken on VBA, and I’ve taken quite a few. The difference is the instructor and his patience, experience and willingness to share his knowledge. Daniel not only explains what everything means and why, but then he also gives you great examples. In most cases, the instructors just fly over almost everything and don’t realize that students want to learn not just how to plug in vba code, but also exactly why and how it works in detail. All in all I would highly recommend this course to anyone who really wants to learn how to program Excel using VBA. I’m really hoping his next course will involve how to work with Word and Access with the same amount of detail. Terrific job and terrific course.
— Robert Manning
It has made a world of difference in how I am able to use Excel. This will affect my job immediately since we use spreadsheets for everything. This is the best course ever!
— Dexter Stowers
By large and far, one of the best step by step guide to VBA programming I have ever seen. I have been playing around with VBA for over a year now, have watched countless videos and have read numerous articles and “How-to” guides, but I have never seen something this complete, this thorough.

I am amazed at how little I actually new about the VBA world.

Thanks a million!
— Alex Bousquet
Half way in and i’ve gotten to use it on some paper work i do 😀
— Robert Bryan Ley
I thought I was an advanced Excel user before taking this course, but recently I needed to learn VBA so I could help decipher a buggy macro enabled workbook that was recently passed down to me (from someone who got it from someone else). I’ve read some books leading up to this course and I have a bit of knowledge about basic programming before going in (which isn’t necessary to understand this course, but made later videos easier to grasp at times). But, WOW Daniel has put together a course that makes learning VBA, advanced Excel techniques, and even just programming in general super easy to understand. Finding great courses on Excel VBA can be challenging, but believe me that you will not be disappointed with purchasing this one. Thank you Daniel.
— Russell Rogers
Sincerely all through my days of school i never knew excel is this powerful! Nowi can progress with my career in programing. many thanks for making this course available. My organization will get the true value of me going forward
— Fila Enoch
I’ve taken several different VBA courses . . . this one from Daniel is by far the most interesting and easy to understand. I’ve done exactly 107 lectures so far and already was able to automate 80% of my tasks at work that I’ve been doing manually for years… I’m angry with myself because of the time I wasted by not buying this course earlier. I can’t even imagine what I will be able to do after finishing the entire course 🙂
— Robert Bendkowski
Very helpful if you do any type of data analysis.
— Jonathan D.
I love this course. Extremely easy to follow along. If you are looking to learn more about Excel this is it!
— Jim C.
Loving this course! The information is presented quite clear and concise, and it is a really great way of learning VB really fast, yesterday I was a total ignorant of the subject. Today I programmed my first macro and cannot wait to learn more.
— Marcela T.
I had experimented with VBA previously, but I really feel like this course is exactly what I needed to take my Excel knowledge to the next level. In only 2 weeks I’ve improved my reporting exponentially and it’s all thanks to this course!
— Ryan S.
Well explained, easy to understand lectures. Enjoyable and informative videos.
— Marlena
Very clear explanations broken down in short videos. The instructor goes at a slow pace that is easy to follow and understand, even for people with no programming experience.
— Gustavo P.
Best course on VBA ever taken. Thanks a lot!
— Nikita L.
This is an excellent course!!! There’s a lot of good, useful stuff here. The examples are practical and real-world!
— Todd W.
Wow, I thought I knew a little bit about Excel but clearly I had only seen the tip of the iceberg. This course has opened my eyes to the true power of VBA within excel. Great course, fantastic instructor.
— Scott K.
Everything I have been looking for, you would have to buy multiple books for this level of instruction!
— Luke S.
Excellent VBA basic to advance tutorial.
— Sandeep G.
Much better than other classes and seminars. Great course.
— Mark S.
The instructor made VBA easy and straight forward to use.
— Min Z.
Very thorough and practical.
— Juan S.
Dan is extremely knowledgeable and makes the content approachable. It has been my experience that these classes have had a ton of carryover to other coding languages. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who uses excel on a regular basis and struggles with loads of manual computation and data manipulation. The price of this course will pay for itself in efficiency gained and headaches avoided. Also, check out his course on web scraping! It is top notch!
— Sean Keenan

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After Taking This Course, You’ll…

👉 Automate and Customize data entry forms

👉 Choose the right Loop for each task

👉 Master the CELLS and RANGE objects in multiple scenarios

👉 Create multiple Variable styles to match your need

👉 Customize your VBA Editor and Understand all the Toolbars and options

👉 Debug and Troubleshoot code like a boss!

👉 Record, Modify or Write Macros from scratch

👉 Make Custom Formulas/Functions on the fly

👉 Breeze through IF THEN statements and conquer all the Logical Operators

👉 Batch out inter-active MessageBoxes, InputBoxes and give users CHOICES!

👉 Create Your Own Custom Functions to be used In VBA or in a Cell!
👉 Learn Code Slimming and Efficiency Techniques & Speed Up Your Code Massively with Dan’s “VBA Speed Hacks”

👉 Generate Custom Reports that can be printed, Add filters to report menus to narrow the records

👉 Take control of forms, Buttons, Drop-down menus, Checkboxes and option buttons AND so much more. .

👉 Trigger code from a number of different methods – from Clicking on a cell – to De-Selecting a worksheet.

👉 Set up Special Commands when a workbook: Opens or closes, is selected, any cell or certain cells are selected, right before printing, etc. . .

👉 Manipulate Userforms for data entry, report generation, editing tables/databases – ALL within your control. Restrict the flow of data OR make the Userform(s) responsive, calculating, INTUITIVE.

👉 Streamline your work and the work of others.

👉 Ultimately, we’re going to Put Excel ON AUTOPILOT…

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the Course?

We currently have over 30.5 hours of progressive on-demand video that you can view anytime you want and from any device that can load a website..

I’m a beginner and I’ve never done programming, is this really for me?

YES! We specifically designed the course in a way that complete beginners can follow along and learn everything they need in a progressive, easy to learn style, while at the same time, making it engaging for advanced and ‘guru’ level students as well.

No matter what your level, you’ll learn new tricks as well as get new ideas, fun challenges, exercises, games and new ways to think about things you may already be familiar with.

Do you have support for Excel for Mac?

YES! We’ve recently done a complete overhaul of our course and we now include full support for Mac user who are learning Excel VBA, including specific Mac control lectures, form control lectures (since ActiveX controls won’t work on Mac) and even side-by-side keyboard shortcut overlays for Windows and Mac.

Most of the topics are identical for a Mac user, so don’t worry!

Excel VBA Is Fun

We believe Excel is one of the most versatile programs out there - and learning to program and automate it makes you very valuable!

You can prevent wasted time and errors, speed up tasks and become indispensable to your organization. 

See how our trainees have gotten raises, promotions and bonuses using their Excel Automation skills while building real problem-solving programs in Excel!
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