'SQL: The Language Of Data' Course

Read & Write To Databases In Minutes Using Basic English
SQL is the language websites & apps use to get info or update records. It's also the core of most database systems.

Some have slightly different 'flavors', but they all use the same basic commands. It's very easy, powerful & fast!

✅ Control Real Databases With Ease
✅ Sort, Filter, Group, Calculate & More To Create Amazing Reports!
✅ Learn Advanced Table Manipulation
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Full Course Curriculum

01. Intro - (9 lectures • 1hr 6 min)

In the first section, we’ll be guiding you through installing MySQL Workbench and how to create your first database & tables from scratch. We’ll also cover multiple ways to ask simple 'queries' to get specific data from our tables.

Topics Covered:

  • Installing MySQL
  • Creating Your First Database and Table
  • Entering In Sample Data and Importing Data
  • Filtering Results - WHERE, DISTINCT and LIMIT Commands
  • Advanced Data Filtering Using AND, OR, IN, NOT, and Combined Operators
  • Wildcards for Dynamic Filtering
  • Sorting Results By One or More Columns
  • Calculated Fields, Concatenation, Aliases, Built-In Functions
  • Additional Important Built-In Functions
02. Advanced Table Manipulation - (12 lectures • 1 hr 16 min)

In the second section, we’ll go more in-depth about all the properties, functions and methods of data manipulation, including writing data back to your tables. We'll also learn about joining info from multiple tables and using lookup capabilities. We'll discuss time saving methods and speeding up search queries using proper indexes.

Topics Covered:

  • Aggregate Functions and Grouping
  • Filtering Grouped Results Using HAVING Clause and Multiple Group By Criteria
  • Combining Data From Multiple Tables Using JOINS And UNION
  • Subqueries
  • What Is CRUD
  • Edit Records With UPDATE Statement
  • Using Indexes To Speed Up Searches
  • Using Multiple Columns For An Index (Compound, Composite Keys)
  • Table Relationships, Foreign Keys And The EER Diagram
  • Custom Rules with Check Constraints
  • Custom Field Defaults, Create and Update Record TIMESTAMPS
03. Add'l Tips and Tricks - (1 lectures • 04 min)

Topics Covered:

  • Case When Statements (Like IF THEN)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the Course?

We currently have over 2.5 hours of progressive on-demand video that you can view anytime you want and from any device that can load a website..

I’m a beginner and I’ve never done programming, is this really for me?

YES! SQL is something anyone can learn, especially if you already speak English. It's very simple and can be used to jump-start a career in development and working with databases.

Is SQL is still relevant in today's technological world?

Absolutely! SQL is a powerful language that can help you to manage and query data. It is also widely used for online applications and web development, so it's still relevant today. In fact, the demand for SQL experts continues to grow, which is why many organizations rely on skilled SQL professionals to run their businesses effectively.
SQL has been around for many years now, so there are plenty of coders who have experience using this language in an enterprise setting. Thus, if you're looking for a career in technology that will be beneficial down the road, then learning how to use SQL might be a good option for you.
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