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  • 10+ Hours of Work Saved Per Week!
    The course legit is saving me like four to five hours every couple of weeks whenever I need to run a report. If I didn't have this course, I would have been wasting a ton more time...
    Edit: I'm now trying to automate the next big time suck reporting tasks I have bi-weekly. If I'm able to automate this bi-weekly report, not only will I be able to save even more time, but I can run these reports almost daily as I keep refining and it could result in 10+ hours of work saved per week since I'm not doing things manually running things multiple times.


    Salesforce Administrator, Snap Inc.
  • Night and Day from the first class I took!
    It was just Night and Day from the first class that I took... Dan was able to answer my questions.

    It's been such an incredible sense of accomplishment... It's opened up a whole new world and I don't think that there's any way I could have ever accomplished this without his help. I just can't thank him enough.


    Excel Specialist & Project Management, Work With Jen, Inc.
  • Created a Fully Automated Program in Excel!
    I've known Dan a little over 10 years. Wow. He's never failed to jump in. Give me new ideas. Help me to understand how Excel can really go beyond expectations.

    We created a pretty much fully automated program that delivers results that the targeted box industry had never seen before! I just want to tell you Dan's the real deal. Thanks again. I appreciate it!


    Founder, American Ind'l Pkg Corp
    Co-Owner, G.E.S.
  • I Became The Solution Provider at my Company!
    People will enter data in the wrong columns. They enter it in the wrong rows. Your scrubbing of that data becomes your biggest headache. Daniel taught me how to avoid those headaches with something called a user form...

    If you’re looking to progress your career and be the solution-provider for getting the cleanest, most accurate data you can... I cannot recommend this course highly enough!


    Recruiter, Peace Corps
  • Saved my team 80 hours a month!!
    What he created for my team not once but Twice has saved us at least 40 hours in the past month!!...

    You know as a business owner, you have to find small blessings along the way and finding Dan actually has been one of the biggest ones this year. So I'm so excited and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for any type of help.


    President, JB Pinnacle Group, LLC
  • Most awesome course I've ever taken!
    His course has allowed me to do things in web scraping more easily than I've ever been able to with the Scrapey framework.

    I cannot recommend Dan's course more highly if you're getting started in web scraping. He makes it very simple and weasy to follow and easy to do.


    Chemical Engineer | IT Professional, C2IT Consulting, LLC
  • Helped me secure Promotion and a Raise!
    it was almost as if it was a gift from God sent down - this absolute gold!..

    So now when I pull that report, I cannot only generate the unique list of each individual one, but two see how many each one... getting those two functions helped me secure not only my promotion but a RAISE so Thank you very much, Dan.


    Inventory Audit Specialist, Artella Solutions
  • Dan saved me impossible work basically!
    Friday 5 o'clock in the afternoon I got an email saying we have to get this Excel treated by Monday. I got home opened that file and said "oh dear me, where do I start?"

    I came to conclusion that I wouldn't manage... emailed Dan... woke up this morning to the solution working Beautifully! Thank you, Dan. You saved me impossible work basically. And if I recommend you?! Oh Good gracious me - Yes!


    Operations Management, Montepio
  • Kicked off My Excel Career!
    Your courses have been invaluable to me, like kicked off my Excel career and just inspired me so much.

    Every time somebody asked me an Excel question or VBA question in particular, I point to your channel and send them a link.


    Owner, Hartwig Consulting Services LLC
  • I Was Skeptical at First...
    I'll admit I was a little bit skeptical at first that there could be a course on a high level topic like this that would be both accessible to newbies and can really engage with more experienced Excel users without really pulling them through a slog...

    I really love the course! It’s really really intuitive, it’s really easy and dare I say even fun to watch!


    Category Specialist, Walmart eCom
  • Couldn't find a solution so Dan made one for me!
    I got stuck. I searched online for days and couldn't find the solution that worked for my project...Spoke with Dan...

    In less than two days he was able to come up with the solution that worked perfectly for my project. I'll totally recommend him for anyone who needs help with an Excel project. Not only is he reliable, his customer relation is phenomenal.


    Student, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Tech
  • Helped me get a Promotion & Raise!
    I wanted to Thank him for his excellent support and help. Contacted Dan with an issue I had. Was able to resolve it in a very quick manner. Very professional - highly recommend him.

    Really helped me put a project together that got me a promotion and a raise! So to Dan, I take my hat off to you! Thank You!


    EMS Operation Manager, Climate Pros
  • It actually Helped me Beyond what I could imagine!
    I'm an engineer for my career. I was working on a project and decided to take Dan's class. It actually Helped me Beyond what I could imagine!

    The best part of it is that Dan is extremely interactive with everyone that takes the course. If you have questions he gets back to you immediately… he’s gone above and beyond to make sure that my project got done and all my questions got answered. I would definitely highly recommend the course.


    Engineer, GE-Hitachi Nuclear

Get on your way to becoming 100% Proficient in Excel


Custom Tailored Solutions for every step in your Excel Journey

Wherever you are in getting to the next level in Excel - Help with a project, Full length Beginner to Advanced Courses or an Excel Community - we can help.

Excel Mastery Courses

Streamlined Guided Learning for Success

Struggling to master Excel? Our Excel Mastery Courses will help. With easy, step-by-step training videos and exercises, set yourself on the Fast Track to Excel Automation. Join over 229,000 students and put Excel on autopilot!

Custom Solutions

In a hurry? Fast-Track to the finish line with Pro Software Development Services

I would love to hear from you!
Drop me a line if you need a solution and you're struggling with questions in Excel. I provide Consulting and Professional Software Development Solutions. Quick Questions and Comments also welcome!

Excel Ninjas Group

Community of Peers Learning and Growing With Each Other

Are you stuck? Don’t know where to find the answers? Excel Ninjas Facebook Group is a community that’s been there and can help! Masterclasses, Exclusive Training Videos, Live Q&A, Pre-Releases and more...


Learning & Growing Together

  • Experience an Excel Community & Get Help

    Share Your Wins and Questions

    The facebook group is all about sharing thoughts, likes, questions and of course, share your Wins!!

    Live Q&A

    Periodical Live Q&A sessions with Dan and other guests to answer your deeper Excel questions.

    Masterclasses & Exclusive Training Videos

    Learn from our Free Training archives in the group Guides tab.
  • More Community Perks

    Meet New Friends

    There's nothing better than connecting with other kindred spirits and helping each other #win at work and play. Excel buddies are for life!


    You'll be the first to know about the latest developments in Excel and any new courses coming. Plus free stuff. Did we mention free stuff?

    Excel Workbooks

    Dan shares his free files in the group, but guess who else shares Excel files and pdfs? Other group members! Who doesn't love a free Excel workbook to save tons of time?
  • Something for All Skill Levels


    Free Videos on Excel essentials, like new formula tricks. Free Workbooks too!

    Excel Warrior

    Ask for help from other community members or recommendations. Keep watching training in the guides and our premium courses.

    Excel Ninja Master

    As you beging to master fundamentals of Excel and VBA, you'll find that your work is becoming easier to automate, you now see solutions everywhere and you find playful ways to help yourself and others!
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Ultimate Excel VBA Course

Start writing VBA code you can use right away at work. No programming knowledge is required for this VBA course!
Comes with over 30.5 hrs of video, exercises, downloadable workbooks and resources!

Complete Web Automation

Use Excel to Control popular Web Browsers! Learn Web Scraping, Fill Out Web Forms Dynamically, Navigate Web Pages Intuitively, And Extract & Manipulate Data To Increase Efficiency!

Turn Excel Files into Windows Applications (Excel to EXE)

Excel passwords can easily be broken and your work stolen! Learn the secrets of true Excel security and Go Beyond Excel's Built-In Security Tools, Boost Features, Lock Down & Create Windows Applications (EXE) with XLSPadlock.

Automate Emails From Excel VBA: Microsoft Outlook Mastery

Create And Manipulate Outlook Emails, Attachments, Calendars, Tasks, and Contacts Automatically With Excel VBA. It's super fun and saves time!


Excel VBA Formulas, Functions, UDFs + Create Your Own AddIn!

Learn to Build Your Own Custom Functions (User-Defined Functions), Master the plethora of Built-In VBA Functions, and Learn To Share Them with others!


The Ultimate Excel VBA Arrays Course

Learn To Manipulate Data Invisibly and At Lightning Speeds with Arrays! Arrays are present in most programming languages, but most people don’t take the time to master them & get frustrated when their code seems sloppy, difficult to read, and often runs slow.

More Members Who are Winning with our Excel Training!

Real people getting real promotions, raises and a lot more free time to relax or earn!

This is My Story

I’ve been using Excel since my early teens, and very early on realized that I absolutely love it. After working on various projects in my spare time for years, improving the lives of those that used my programs, I knew this was more than just a hobby for me; it’s my passion.

Several years back, I got my first opportunity to program in Excel, but when I landed the job, I was asked to re-write our company software (fancy databases and automated Crystal reports).. I found my regular Excel skills somewhat lacking. I HAD TO LEARN VBA!

Back then, there were no decent visual guides or courses for learning the deeper things in Excel. You just had to figure things out by trial and error. I decided nobody should have to waste years of their life to learn anymore.

My passion is and always has been teaching, and I’ve turned thousands of people into Excel programmers.

The main focus at ExcelVbaIsFun is to create an online community of professional Excel VBA developers and beginners who create Real Programs, solve Real Problems and change Real Lives.
Chief excel officer

Daniel Strong

Chief Excel Officer
Dan Strong
Company Founded

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