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10+ Hours of Work Saved Per Week!
The course legit is saving me like four to five hours every couple of weeks whenever I need to run a report. If I didn't have this course, I would have been wasting a ton more time...
Edit: I'm now trying to automate the next big time suck reporting tasks I have bi-weekly. If I'm able to automate this bi-weekly report, not only will I be able to save even more time, but I can run these reports almost daily as I keep refining and it could result in 10+ hours of work saved per week since I'm not doing things manually running things multiple times.


Salesforce Administrator, Snap Inc.
Night and Day from the first class I took!
It was just Night and Day from the first class that I took... Dan was able to answer my questions.

It's been such an incredible sense of accomplishment... It's opened up a whole new world and I don't think that there's any way I could have ever accomplished this without his help. I just can't thank him enough.


Excel Specialist & Project Management, Work With Jen, Inc.
Created a Fully Automated Program in Excel!
I've known Dan a little over 10 years. Wow. He's never failed to jump in. Give me new ideas. Help me to understand how Excel can really go beyond expectations.

We created a pretty much fully automated program that delivers results that the targeted box industry had never seen before! I just want to tell you Dan's the real deal. Thanks again. I appreciate it!


Founder, American Ind'l Pkg Corp
Co-Owner, G.E.S.
I Became The Solution Provider at my Company!
People will enter data in the wrong columns. They enter it in the wrong rows. Your scrubbing of that data becomes your biggest headache. Daniel taught me how to avoid those headaches with something called a user form...

If you’re looking to progress your career and be the solution-provider for getting the cleanest, most accurate data you can... I cannot recommend this course highly enough!


Recruiter, Peace Corps
Most awesome course I've ever taken!
His course has allowed me to do things in web scraping more easily than I've ever been able to with the Scrapey framework.

I cannot recommend Dan's course more highly if you're getting started in web scraping. He makes it very simple and weasy to follow and easy to do.


Chemical Engineer | IT Professional, C2IT Consulting, LLC
Saved my team 80 hours a month!!
What he created for my team not once but Twice has saved us at least 40 hours in the past month!!...

You know as a business owner, you have to find small blessings along the way and finding Dan actually has been one of the biggest ones this year. So I'm so excited and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for any type of help.


President, JB Pinnacle Group, LLC
Helped me secure Promotion and a Raise!
it was almost as if it was a gift from God sent down - this absolute gold!..

So now when I pull that report, I cannot only generate the unique list of each individual one, but two see how many each one... getting those two functions helped me secure not only my promotion but a RAISE so Thank you very much, Dan.


Inventory Audit Specialist, Artella Solutions
Dan saved me impossible work basically!
Friday 5 o'clock in the afternoon I got an email saying we have to get this Excel treated by Monday. I got home opened that file and said "oh dear me, where do I start?"

I came to conclusion that I wouldn't manage... emailed Dan... woke up this morning to the solution working Beautifully! Thank you, Dan. You saved me impossible work basically. And if I recommend you?! Oh Good gracious me - Yes!


Operations Management, Montepio
Kicked off My Excel Career!
Your courses have been invaluable to me, like kicked off my Excel career and just inspired me so much.

Every time somebody asked me an Excel question or VBA question in particular, I point to your channel and send them a link.


Owner, Hartwig Consulting Services LLC
I Was Skeptical at First...
I'll admit I was a little bit skeptical at first that there could be a course on a high level topic like this that would be both accessible to newbies and can really engage with more experienced Excel users without really pulling them through a slog...

I really love the course! It’s really really intuitive, it’s really easy and dare I say even fun to watch!


Category Specialist, Walmart eCom
Couldn't find a solution so Dan made one for me!
I got stuck. I searched online for days and couldn't find the solution that worked for my project...Spoke with Dan...

In less than two days he was able to come up with the solution that worked perfectly for my project. I'll totally recommend him for anyone who needs help with an Excel project. Not only is he reliable, his customer relation is phenomenal.


Student, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Tech
Helped me get a Promotion & Raise!
I wanted to Thank him for his excellent support and help. Contacted Dan with an issue I had. Was able to resolve it in a very quick manner. Very professional - highly recommend him.

Really helped me put a project together that got me a promotion and a raise! So to Dan, I take my hat off to you! Thank You!


EMS Operation Manager, Climate Pros
It actually Helped me Beyond what I could imagine!
I'm an engineer for my career. I was working on a project and decided to take Dan's class. It actually Helped me Beyond what I could imagine!

The best part of it is that Dan is extremely interactive with everyone that takes the course. If you have questions he gets back to you immediately… he’s gone above and beyond to make sure that my project got done and all my questions got answered. I would definitely highly recommend the course.


Engineer, GE-Hitachi Nuclear
Quit My Job, My Excel Business Makes Over $20,000/month!!
I've taken a whole bunch of courses,  SQL courses, I've taken all these things but Yours are the ones that really really got me going...

My adage is surround yourself by people that are smarter than you, so when it comes to you offering the course - I'm hanging on to every word..

I say 'Take all of your courses, Dan", because out of the 3 that I've taken, I've used pretty much everything!


Founder, remoralite.com
Opens up a Whole New World!
Dan Strong is an Excel Guru! Dan has helped me and worked with me on projects that were extremely complicated. If you think you know Excel but you don't know Excel VBA, it opens up a whole new world - so many things that Excel cannot do on its own.

The results of our collaboration has been incredible! If you have an opportunity to learn from Dan through his courses or to collaborate with Dan, I want to tell you unequivocally that that would be a great thing. Dan is number one in my opinion.


Owner, Walker Wealth Management

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"I was able to automate 80% of my tasks at work that I’ve been doing manually for years…"


"Within a week co-workers started to put in requests and calling me the Excel-sheriff."


"It was like a gift from God above!.. Absolute GOLD!.. Dan helped me secure not only a Promotion but a Raise!"


"Amazing course. I was able to finish my desired macro in 15 minutes after watching first half of the course."


"the additional information I learned from Dan led to the completion of my project; which was met with a compensitory reward from my company!"


"your macro is magic!
we created 35,000 files today between 2 people
Thanks so so much."


"I had experimented with VBA previously, but I really feel like this course is exactly what I needed to take my Excel knowledge to the next level. In only 2 weeks I've improved my reporting exponentially and it's all to thanks to this course!"


"I've been struggling with VBA for years until I watched a good chunk of this course... In the handful of hours I've spent using this course, I've learned more than from hundreds of hours of reading books and scouring forums for answers..."


"I've learned a lot over the last two courses and have been able to expand the functionality of the projects that I'm currently working on... I've been able to develop a marketable product and have left my cubicle job of 10 years to work for myself creating stock market research tools."


"This course, without a doubt, has increased my knowledge of Excel VBA. I am now THE excel guru in my office. I recommend this course for anyone who would like to analyze and automate."


"I previously was using macro recorder for simple tasks. After the first module, I was able to go into work the next morning and start coding some final formating macros for reports that are requested several times in a week. Having completed 3 of the 8 modules thus far, my capabilities and macros I've built for work have become more complex, and efficient."


"This course has really helped me both personally and professionally. I have been able to introduce new tactics at work and make processes more efficient for everyone. I work in an office with people that work in Excel a lot but only use it for basic tables. VBA has really opened their eyes to the power of Excel and this course has given me the confidence to show them what it can do."


"It empowers you with an exclusive and extremely useful knowledge that will make you stand out of the crowd by learning how to automate everyday Excel tasks, sheets and reports. A precious, strategic skill delivered in a simple and straightforward manner that will encourage you from start to end. Must Do."


"I was skeptic taking this course as I thought I knew how to program using ='s functions within Excel, wasn't I wrong? VBA programming is the 'meat and potatoes' of Excel and this course gave me the confidence and the tools to automate my everyday activities.

Thanks Mr Strong!"


"It has made a world of difference in how I am able to use Excel. This will affect my job immediately since we use spreadsheets for everything. This is the best course ever!"


"First off, I would like to thank you for putting this course together. The knowledge I acquired has proved invaluable to my work. It has even landed me a few promotions!"


"My new boss was totally impressed that I was able to automate the task with a click of a button. When he asked me how long I've been writing VBA code I told him, "about 10 days, since you said we needed to figure out a way to automate this". Needless to say this course enabled me to look like a superstar in the first month at my new job."


"An excellent course! I'm at the half of the course and I have finished 2 projects from my work with the knowledge from here..."


"Gave me tremendous ideas and help my work. Now I used in my real work and make automation such as opening internal websites that I want to log in and go to correct sub pages.
Usually, I needed to open 4 different pages & login and go to proper sub web pages. However, now I don't have to do such a boring process. Just click buttons I made, it guides me to work right away going through full automation function."


"its AMazing, i am working on Web Automation from last 1.5 year and done 50+ web automation using VBA Selenium however still i learned lot of news things from this video.

thank you Daniel you are amazing man"


"The examples speak to the imagination so that when you're dealing with your task, instead of memorizing boring code, you get an idea of what you can do and where to start.
I'm already automating 4 tasks that I used to do manually with a few nicely written (if still noobish) Subs. I'm officially in love with this crap, and I can't thank you enough, Daniel. I can't wait to see what I'll learn and where I'll end up over the years."


"Edit: I'm now trying to automate the next big time suck reporting tasks I have bi-weekly. If I'm able to automate this bi-weekly report, not only will I be able to save even more time, but I can run these reports almost daily as I keep refining and it could result in 10+ hours of work saved per week since I'm not doing things manually running things multiple times."


"I had a great experience with this course! I bought this course because I didn't really comprehend what arrays were. Since finishing the course less than 24 hours ago, I've successfully finished building a completely functional application in Excel that uses arrays extensively."


"Thank you Daniel for teaching this course, as I don't think I can grasp as much knowledge had I been enrolled in another excel vba course.
At this point, I am confident to say that this course has provided me with a foundation to begin automating many work processes in my office (kinda of already did during mid-series because it was already too exciting :)"


"I have had a great time learning VBA, applied it to my job... just half way through the course but I am already able to search for the solutions to my specific problem... the result really impressed my manager(s).
Highly recommend it to my friends and any frequent Excel user. It will take you from just a novice to an Excel guru!"


"Well... this was an excellent course. I'm a production analyst and only with the 3 first chapters I was able to implement the knowledge to my job. Thanks Daniel, this will help me to develop my career path."


"With this course I was able to create a real world inventory management system. I am looking forward to findind more ways to use this in the real world."


"I learned very little at Uni, compared to this course for Excel. Using VBA I have learned much more, found it much easier to follow on, see the big picture, and put this into practice for work.
The teacher brings out examples in the course work that are actually relevant to real life work! He also focuses on building what you know and using it later in the series, instead of what some do which is using once then never using it again."


"Thas to be the easiest course to follow and Dan is an awesome instructor! It is packed full of information in a logical sequence. Completing this course has helped me greatly on all of my Excel projects from simple efficiency to creating solutions to complex problems."


"I needed to create some VBA to model an application that we were writing requirements for. With this course I was quickly able to build the pilot application and get beta testers up and running."


"Nicely explained! I already had some knowledge before buying this course and worked on more than 20 VBA/Selenium Macros but what I knew it was not enough. With the info that I've learned thus far I've managed to speed up my macros and make them more stable."


"Arrays in VBA are the secret to maximum efficiency and effectiveness. There are so many opportunities in my own macros (I do alot of freelancing and consulting) to put arrays to use and they exponentially improve my workflow and decrease turnaround times. This is the second Excel course I have purchased by Daniel and he is brilliant at explaining and demonstrating concepts that have dramatically improved my skill set and how I approach my work. Kudos, Daniel, on another brilliant course!."


"I had a little prior vba coding experience and I learned a lot of worthwhile things. I would wake up 2 hours before work so that I could learn vba before work every day. It was fun to watch my skills grow and automate tasks at work."


"Dan! This course is soo awesome! I loved every lecture of this course. My dream of Automating time consuming activities is one step closer just because of this course. Please make a few more courses like these would definitely sign up for it."


"Daniel Strong's courses are the best for getting ahead of large workloads in a business environment whether it be Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, or Supply Chain Management. I totally accomplish more than the norm. Thank you!"


"This course 100% helped me with what I needed to know for a basic excel program for work. It continues to help me when I need to create programs. I highly recommend this course!."


"I have enjoyed every bit of the class, it's being practicable and worth the time. I have developed a lot of abilities. I recommend this 100%."


"A great course with step by step build up to fully automating web control and scraping. Good exercises and resources provided. A few more exercises and more detailed examples would make it perfect, though it is still very good now.."


"This course will help you a lot for making Excel work for you, automate tasks, organize data and provide ease in analysis. The instructor, Daniel Strong is very knowledgeable and a wonderful mentor. Thank you!"


"I started teaching myself VBA 2 months ago to automate some of the boring stuff at work... noticed I have performance issues when trying to automate huge amounts of data / lists. While I was able to google that an Array might help getting rid of the problem I just couldn't wrap my head around how I have to use them in my cases, some link was missing. I started this course today and was already able to solve some of my issues. Absolutely love it!"


"Truly helpful for my work... now i'm working on my automation project and it gave me insight about how to achieve what i want. Thank you."


"Dan thank you very much, i really enjoyed until this course, you super professional and cool teacher.
This course really help me understand Excel VBA, and automative some things in my job.
Thank you and Good luck."


"This course delivers on exactly what it says it will in the course description. Definitely make you dangerous enough to automate many projects in Excel."


"This is an awesome course for me. Directly applies, taught me a lot, and is going to make me much better at my job!"


"It is an amazing course, I wish I had taken this years ago so that my life would have been easier for work, considering the amount of time I spent on writing complex formula's into workbooks when i could have been using macro's instead. I am so excited to put all of this into practice to make my work life easier!"


"It's so good for learning automation.."


"Excel brings a powerful UI, and despite its many failings, VBA brings a true rapid prototyping capability, and the VBE provides a really convenient debugging environment. Together, that's why the Excel paradigm is still going strong after three decades. I love Python, but web automation with Excel+VBA is so easy, and so powerful that, I have to confess, I'd rather scrape with Excel+VBA."


"Just started the course but already the BEST source for learning how to use VBA automation online!!"


"Danial, you are great and what you teach. Excellent. Finally, I'll be able to automate my office data entry work. Kudos."


"Daniel's step by step explanations are concise and clear, and make it seem pretty easy.
I completed the course, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a hands-on learner. The examples and details that Daniel shares instill greater confidence to be productive more quickly. I have successfully completed and implemented my first project and look forward to expanding my knowledge and skills with more of his courses."


"Exactly what I need for my project! Well done! on the point.."


"I started this course without knowing anything about VBA. And in a few weeks I was able to write my first working sub at work. the course is really well organized and I found teaching through simple examples rather than pure theory very effective."


Eye opening explanations, meaningful observations, very useful...
Thanks a lot; I've enjoyed it through and through.
Already using acquired skills for daily tasks as a veteran IT manager"


"I swear, one week ago, I do not know anything about what coding is. I am a mechanical engineer and my manager gives me some data files to make analysis weekly. I have realized to speed up myself to do this. With some getting information, I realized to know excel VBA, coding on excel is very very important for me. And in just one week, I can analyze and beyond, I can code I can do things make me happy and excited. There are lots of things to learn about VBA.."


"The course is a very good intro into VBA and sets you up to do more in the future. Instructor uses examples that can be applied straight away in the real world."


"So far so good. Very hands on material that's already got me making scripts for work."


"So easy to implement into my daily work, which has really helped reinforce knowledge, great course and enjoy the personality Daniel brings to the course!"


"Really good course, I had very basic knowledge prior starting the course, with the the classes I have taken and seeing the examples provided I have been able to automate tasks at work, which reduced huge amounts of time for everyone, added extra controls and even some nice dashboards."


"I can immediately apply the information I learned from this class to the real world issues. Most of the classes I find for VBA are for beginners levels. This class offers what is beyond the basics. Very well done."


"Course was great - covered the basics and built gradually over the 12 or so hours to the more complex in a manageable way. Instructor is very experienced and provides a good voice over explanation to all tasks.
Covered the ground I expected and instills confidence in application to real world. I would strongly recommend this course!"


"Yes, it will help me automate spreadsheets and reduce time spent on a weekly basis."


"Can and will move your career forward. The exercises and video lectures are immediately useful and applicable in real-world business situations as well.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to speed up tedious web form applications and get mounds of praise from their colleagues and bosses."


"Daniel talks about a paradigm shift for new advanced users of excel when using arrays. I like that. Its true. Basically, you're going to take you're excel game to the next level after this course...your classes have propelled my skill set in VBA to a level I once thought I might not achieve. I've written some great code that is having a tremendous impact on the business. Wow! Thank you."


"I am feeling quite confident using macros at my work because of this course, so so far, so good."


"Discovered a lot of things that I will certainly be using on my work and personal activities.
The instructor has a very good first-hand knowledge and is very responsive. Makes it look very easy."


"The good thing is this course all along the different parts o VBA. I ve been doing macros from 6 months ago, and this course make everything cleared and easy, thanks a lot, it has been very helpful in many ways related to my recent job.


"Good stuff for me the beginner. I felt a lot more comfortable all ready!

Well worth the money! I am on my way to automating my very own work books !!!"


"The course is comprehensive and is well explained by Mr.Daniel Strong.
It involves content that can be applied in real world problems involving Excel.
I totally enjoyed the course and I strongly recommend this course to everyone."


"Really i found very lucky after complete this course, beacuse in my work place i am the only one who learned VBA PRoGRAMMINg. Now i am able to create some customised excel formats for small business houses and also for my organisation.
it looks this course will decrease my working hour with excel only due to automation.
thank you for providing such usefull courses @ low price."


"I pass vba exam to my new job after one week of studying with this course"


"I learned a lot of new stuff that really helped me in my job .
(I didn't know anything about VBA and progamming brefore starting this course)"


"The instructor is very clear and engaging. He moves at a very good pace (not too fast or too slow).
I am finding this information incredibly helpful and useful.
I have learned how to automate many tasks for data entry and report presentationI."


"Makes it easy to automate tasks. I am using this to create a easily updated database for maintenance of vehicles."


"A great and much recommended course for beginner to intermediate level. Gives all the information you need to start automatizing or manipulating your data in Excel."


"The course structure makes learning VBA in Excel a breeze. The small snippet lectures are to the point and makes referencing topics easy. Dan's lectures are in real time, easy to follow, and with a touch of humor. No PowerPoints! I definitely learned a lot and have applied the lessons in my workplace. I came in with no knowledge of VBA and walked away a great foundation in Excel VBA programming. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!"


"I went from making simple templates to being ready to start designing a user form. As an administrative assistant, the ability to put these kinds of forms together will give me that edge I've been looking for. Mr. Strong is easy to listen to, is thorough in explanations, and goes at a pace that is easy to keep up with, but not so slow you get distracted. Thank you very much!"


"This course is exactly what I didn't know I needed to improve my skills! I recommend it - bought it on a whim and I love it!"


"I'm an expert user (>20 years of working with spreadsheets and VBA) but I'm always looking for some knowledge nuggets that will allow me to become even better. This course helped reinforce many areas that I do not regularly use and gave me some great ideas that I had not considered.
The instructor knows his stuff but he is not stuffy. He is also an enjoyable instructor. I highly recommend this course."


"When I signed up for this course my past experience regarding VBA was not too bright. Dan is a rockstar & the forum helps & tries to answer every complex & basic questions asked by the enrolled pupil."


This is an awesome course. This really shows how powerful Excel is and how many different things it can be used for. I'm really excited to explore these new concepts. The instructor is very clear. He's interesting to listen to. It's obvious how excited HE is by the concepts he is explaining."


"I consider myself pretty efficient at Excel and knew enough about macros to be dangerous. This course takes the macro process and VB with Excel and makes it understandable. The examples are real-life situations that show you the benefits of learning how Excel works behind the curtain, so to speak. Thanks Daniel for this course. It is at the top of my recommend list for anyone looking to advance their capabilities with Excel. Great course."


"Decided to choose this one because I use Excel in work, and would like to automate some of the tasks I do in Excel. I'm about a quarter of the way through the course at the moment.
Finding it very valuable. Hopefully I'll pick up enough skills on the course to be able to make some of the work I do easier. I've become a power-user at the front end of Excel - pivot tables etc. This course will give me an ability to manipulate the mountains of data even further."


"Dan Strong is a great instructor. I really like how we simply dive in together and start writing code on various aspects of Excel VBA. His down to earth teaching style makes the experience very personable and easy to follow. By watching and listening to him, I pick up on the unspoken nuances, or best practices, of how to utilize VBA."


"A lot of practical examples and well explained - it was a pleasure to learn and apply my knowledge at work! Highly recommend!"


"So well explained, I think this information and VBA skillset is going to help launch my career. I will be purchasing other courses from him, thanks Dan!"


"Really informative things provided and I am using these methods in my projects.
one thing i would like to suggest that please explain before starting a new thing, such as why we need to learn that thing or why we need that particular thing and how we can use it as an alternative."


"This is a fabulous course. I have a big VBA project coming up and just watching through this has reminded me of so many things I had forgotten or never learned. It's allowed me to mentally plan my project while I learned so much. Great course!"


"Great class. Already submitted a report to my manager and she was very happy!"


"I was hooked taking this course on day 1. Before taking this class, I had no idea what VBA is and how useful it can be. The course is well organized with lots of useful files for you to practice"


"I have some knowledge of the subject already so I am jumping to lessons on specific topics where I need to learn more. Already, the course has paid for itself after watching just 4 videos.

Very well explained so far."


"Very satisfied about the syllabus of the course, it has kept me engaged and motivated the last few months."


"Instructor is very energetic and interested to teach us. He has drilled down the topics so much that the videos are very easy to follow and engaging. It has helped me crate many web scraping macro in my work."


"In the past I would go to Google to refresh my memory but now I can quickly go to what I need. It has morphed into my own "coding toolbox" as I have added notes and solutions to problems I've run into. Creating macros geared towards my work has never been easier. I would highly recommend for anyone that uses excel and wants to be a doer vs a talker!!!!"


"It's a beautifully designed course. The instructor has kept the exercises in line with daily life excel usage. I would definitely recommend it to you. So if you are thinking about it, don't!.........Rather just take it!...:)"


"Very good course. From no VBA knowledge to feeling quite confident with basic userforms and macros in a few days."


"This course covers a wide range of items and overall is excellent. The instructor replies to all inquires in a courteous and timely manner. If I would recommend a first Excel programming course - this is it. With what is learned in this course you can perform quite a bit of real world solutions. Just as important it gives enough understanding to be able to further your skill/knowledge. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know so it is hard to know where to go next, this course sets the stage for more specific training."


"This course covered many of the basics of using Excel VBA and culminates with a report generation user form that brings all of the material together. I consider myself an excel expert and I learned a thing or two from Dan as I worked through this course. No matter your experience level, you WILL learn something useful that you may not already know from this course."


"Very good!!! I think it could be the best actually."


"This really helped me... glad i came over this course. I can write macros now! I'm Happy Happy Happy!."


"i just want to say : THIS COURSE IS BLOODY AWESOME !"


"It really brought Excel to another Level....
Thank You so much."


"I tried several Excel programming courses before, and this is by far the best one. Things just make sense. Terrific course."


"I have worked with Excel for many years and finally I can truly see how powerful a tool it can be! Thank You!"

John Cameron

"First i wanna say, thank you Daniel.
These were my first steps into vba, and this course helped me allot to understand things better then i used too.
Knowledge of Excel and vba is just a great combo that can achieve more then i could imagine.
Thumbs up from me."


"This course has all tools I need now to do my application."


"I have been programming in BASIC since 1966, using Excel since 1981, and programming Excel since VBA was introduced. I am converting an old Fortran code (EISPACK) into Excel so I can find take advantage of the simpler input/output capabilities of Excel. I need comfort with arrays in order to finish the project.
This course is amazing. The author is extremely well versed in Excel. I hope he offers many more courses so I can keep refining my Excel skills."


"Well done, definitely learned things about arrays I never knew. Also things that I can use immediately in an application I'm trying to build."


"If you're an expert or a beginner, this course will act as either a stepping stone onto more advanced VBA or a refresher for the initiated. This course builds up the skills needed progressively in a precise manner. Fantastic stuff!"

Connor Sherwin

"I've learn alot of new functions of vba and will be applicable to my project."


"I wasn't expecting such a great value in professional training, but I definitely got one. When I signed up and started the course, I can relate the VB training to my financial analysis work significantly and increase productivity. Thank you very much."


"I have been using excel for quite sometime, but what i am learning in this course is Next level!! Looking forward to be a MS-Excel Ninja !! :)"


"Very interesting! Learned a lot of cool techniques for controlling websites and gathering data. Very nicely paced too."


"I consider myself as having a good understanding of VBA programming language but did not fully grasp Arrays. I have now completed this course. I am overwhelmed with the comprehensive nature of the course and am extremely happy to have undertaken it. I have been hesitant in using arrays in my coding but now am very confident that I will be able to effectively use them. I wholeheartedly recommend the course as being worthwhile. Arrays makes VBA extremely powerful."


"This was great journey for me learning VBA. I always thought only very intelligent people could learn VBA. But now learning VBA is definitely cool. I will apply this skillset at work and wish to see great results and Many thanks to Dan for enabling me learn with ease. You are my best Excel VBA Guru. Many thanks once again Dan! You are best."


"The absolute BEST BEGINNER VBA course out there, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!"


"This course is really great! I was doing very very well with formulas and all things Excel except I was a big zero with VBA and now I see a thousand more possibilities."


"These tutorials have real world application and the connection is made easy to see between the two because of the instructors methodology."


"One of the best excel instructors online!."


"Great Course have learned a lot from this course and using what have learned in my work place. Daniel Strong is great instructor very clear in explaining VBA for excel and uses for it
Thank you Daniel Strong."


"This is the second or third course I've taken from Daniel. I have enjoyed every one and learned a tremendous amount in the process. I learned some really neat tricks in this course for functions. And I thought I already knew about all there was to know about functions...boy was I wrong!
Keep up the good work, Daniel!"


"I find excel intimidating, but recognize it as a powerful tool that could help me at work and home. The instructor's style is very matter-of-fact and makes you feel like "this is not that hard - anyone can do it". That really helps me focus instead of worrying that I won't be able to learn it."


"Great Course! Very very useful! Thanks Daniel you save me lot of time!"


"This guy is doing an amazing job describing point A to Z without skipping out on the good stuff! If you want to analyze the reason why different codes acts like they do and get clarity to how you could solve your own VBA-problems, then this guy will bring the fullness of whatever you are looking for! Check this course out!"


"Great course! Explained a lot about Selenium and what you can do to QA sites and extract that data out. Similar to Daniel's other VBA courses, he keeps a good pace and goes through a lot of the fine details, from beginner to advanced. Enjoyed the examples and exercises. Thanks again!"


"Great course. Covers a lot of VBA code that I was not familiar with. Has really helped me with making smaller more efficient macros."


"It is the best instructor towards excel I have ever seen.
I just love their excel course.
I am your Fan Dan Sir."


"Great Content. Nice to know how to secure our excel app, Dan describes almost everything here and also the link for the resources are cool. The information about a little design in our app is also really helpful."


"Course is well structurised so I recommend it. Much better than lectures at uni."


"As a beginner to VBA in Excel, I am gradually gaining confidence. Everything is very well explained and broken down into small easy-to-find topic-wise clips."


"For the first time I completely understand VBA, I have been trying to figure it out for a while now.."


"So I am about a third of the way through and this course has really proven to be worth the money.
I have already learned a lot about VBA programming as I was a total novice when I started."


"I don't write a lot of reviews, but I felt the need to for this course. I take a lot of these MOOCs and I have so far been very impressed with the course and the presentation of material by Daniel Strong.
Daniel teaches you what you need to know in a clear and easy to understand way and is never boring. If you want to begin learning VBA, this is your course."


"I love this course. Extremely easy to follow along. If you are looking to learn more about Excel this is it!"


"All contents from this course is so amazing & useful. The instructor is kind & helpful. Highly recommend for anyone who want to bring their Excel VBA skill to a higher level."


"WOW Daniel has put together a course that makes learning VBA, advanced Excel techniques, and even just programming in general super easy to understand."


"I've taken several courses ranging from basic to advanced Excel topics and by far this is the best course I've ever taken. The lectures are of digestible size, the exercises are clear and concise."


"Thanks Dan, this is an awesome course. I have just done few modules and already made a Macro to automate some of my office tasks."


"By large and far, one of the best step by step guide to VBA programming I have ever seen... I have never seen something this complete, this thorough."


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