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Saved my team 80 hours a month!!
What he created for my team not once but Twice has saved us at least 40 hours in the past month!!...

You know as a business owner, you have to find small blessings along the way and finding Dan actually has been one of the biggest ones this year. So I'm so excited and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for any type of help.


President, JB Pinnacle Group, LLC
Created a Fully Automated Program in Excel!
I've known Dan a little over 10 years. Wow. He's never failed to jump in. Give me new ideas. Help me to understand how Excel can really go beyond expectations.

We created a pretty much fully automated program that delivers results that the targeted box industry had never seen before! I just want to tell you Dan's the real deal. Thanks again. I appreciate it!


Founder, American Ind'l Pkg Corp
Co-Owner, G.E.S.
Dan saved me impossible work basically!
Friday 5 o'clock in the afternoon I got an email saying we have to get this Excel treated by Monday. I got home opened that file and said "oh dear me, where do I start?"

I came to conclusion that I wouldn't manage... emailed Dan... woke up this morning to the solution working Beautifully! Thank you, Dan. You saved me impossible work basically. And if I recommend you?! Oh Good gracious me - Yes!


Operations Management, Montepio
Couldn't find a solution so Dan made one for me!
I got stuck. I searched online for days and couldn't find the solution that worked for my project...Spoke with Dan...

In less than two days he was able to come up with the solution that worked perfectly for my project. I'll totally recommend him for anyone who needs help with an Excel project. Not only is he reliable, his customer relation is phenomenal.


Student, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Tech
Helped me get a Promotion & Raise!
I wanted to Thank him for his excellent support and help. Contacted Dan with an issue I had. Was able to resolve it in a very quick manner. Very professional - highly recommend him.

Really helped me put a project together that got me a promotion and a raise! So to Dan, I take my hat off to you! Thank You!


EMS Operation Manager, Climate Pros
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See how our trainees have gotten raises, promotions and bonuses using their Excel Automation skills while building real problem-solving programs in Excel!
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