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Jiyaad Saved 10+ Hours of Work Per Week!

According to Jiyaad, the knowledge he gained from our course helped him save a lot of time!
"The course legit is saving me like four to five hours every couple of weeks whenever I need to run a report. If I didn't have this course, I would have been wasting a ton more time...
Edit: I'm now trying to automate the next big time suck reporting tasks I have bi-weekly. If I'm able to automate this bi-weekly report, not only will I be able to save even more time, but I can run these reports almost daily as I keep refining and it could result in 10+ hours of work saved per week since I'm not doing things manually running things multiple times."


Salesforce Administrator, Snap Inc.

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We believe Excel is one of the most versatile programs out there - and learning to program and automate it makes you very valuable!

You can prevent wasted time and errors, speed up tasks and become indispensable to your organization. 

See how our trainees have gotten raises, promotions and bonuses using their Excel Automation skills while building real problem-solving programs in Excel!
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